Another first…..

So….we have had a good run of normality, well as close to normality as it gets for us at this time of year and so mummy and daddy decided that the risk of a few hour in Meadowhall wasn’t too big and off we went. 

Mummy hates Meadowhall. It’s almost a year since she last visited. 

Anyway……we navigated the shops, both of us awake. Mummy and daddy said how lovely it was to see us alert and taking it all in. Mummy was laughing at Rory dirty looking everyone. Daddy said it will do us good to see people who ignore us because normally anything that breathes showers us with too much attention. This time it was our pram that caught attention, other parents asking mummys opinion, what car we drive to fit it in the boot and if it really is the rolls Royce of prams! Shallow….I know! 

We saw Nikki in The oasis, I smiled but Rory gave ‘the look’ and we saw Jo, Rory smiled but I was fast asleep…..then we saw Holly, both of us smiled because she was really smiley and nice. 

Mummy and Daddy were very proud of themselves because they fed us in public for the first time since Rory had his Trachy. This is a big deal especially with Rorys machine, the awkwardness of it around feed times and the usual projectile reflux sick from both of us. Not to mention germs, we don’t even do nappy changing facilities but as ysyal mummy did her anti-bac routine first. Mummy joked that the security might think we have a bomb hiding under the table with the pipes, wires and noise. We had a few looks but all in we managed fine, apart from forgetting the muslin squares and so when it came to the reflux sick….mummy sacrificed her brand new top (tags and all) from the carrier bag under the table she had bought moments before. Now that is love for ya! 

As we got in the car to drive home mummy and daddy high-fived. Another hurdle jumped, we managed just fine. 

Mummy and daddy were discussing the next hurdle……mummy really wants to take us to baby groups but the risk of mixing with other kids is far too high until March…..although maybe baby massage would be OK because you don’t share toys, or touch other kids……mummy could take our own mats, towels etc and make sure there’s plenty of space around us……watch this space!!! 🤔

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