Our First Christmas.

We are all confused over here. Daddy seems to be home all of the time again, but Rory is doing ok so it is what mummy just calls ‘normal family time’ although we have heard the word ‘Christmas’ lots and so maybe that is why. 
Mummy and Daddy told us that Christmas is a special time for spending with family but that lots of people think it is just about buying presents and we heard mummy say that she is scared about how many presents Santa will bring for us. We haven’t met Santa yet. Only Nannie & Grandads friend Stuart dressed up at the Christmas light switch on. 

We know something is going on because there are new things all over the house. A tree with lots of lights on it in our living room, a train on a track that takes over our living room that Nannie & Grandad Newbs sent for us and Daddy always trips over and lots of bright coloured lights on the conifer tree in the front garden that mummy and daddy always say is the weirdest conifer they have ever seen. 

It looks fab though. Mummy said that she wanted to go all out this year starting new family traditions for us. 

So we started our first day together on daddy’s school holidays by taking cheesy family pics and getting em printed for the nurses at Sheffield. Mummy and Daddy decided that they were going to make a donation to Jessops NICU who saved us, instead of sending Christmas cards and so this would become a tradition too, taking the donation, chocolates for the staff working over Christmas and a card with a picture of us so that the lovely people can see how much we are growing. So we spent the morning preparing all of these things and set off to Sheffield. 

Mummy and daddy were nervous because they weren’t sure the staff would remember us, or whether we would even be allowed in because for obvious reasons it is very secure. Mummy and daddy got very emotional as we hadn’t been back to Jessops since we were transferred to barnsley 6 months ago. They weren’t sure what kind of emotions it might dig up when they got there, how they would feel reliving those moments, walking those corridors, or seeing those faces that they owe absolutely everything to. They took a deep breath and pushed us in. Mummy pressed the buzzer and the familiar voice on the other side seemed excited to see us and let us in, within minutes the word spread that Austin and Rory were in the building and all of the staff flocked round our pushchair, they couldn’t believe how big we were. Most of them are reading the blog and it was wonderful that they had kept up to date with our progress. It was so so lovely to see them, we had a picture took with their Christmas tree, made our donation and gave the nurses the chocolates. A nurse brought a mummy over who had a tiny baby like us on the unit, this mummy was obviously having a bad day and so the nurse brought her to look at us. Mummy told her that she remembers being in the same shoes and could never imagine having two big healthy babies, but in the grand scheme of things, that is what she has got, and that was It the realisation of how lucky we are set in and mummys eyes were shiny. 

After a lovely chat mummy and daddy pushed us back down the corridor and reminisced about old times and how glad they were that they came, Daddy gets teary eyed too, he says that he wants us to do that every year, Christmas and our birthday to thank the staff and to keep us grounded to always remember how grateful we should be for life and how lucky we are. 

Since we were born, and especially when mummy saw the lady who put us back inside mummy as an embryo in the car park and told mummy to bring us in when we were discharged, mummy always wanted to take us to fertility clinic to say thank you, but equally knew that she didn’t want to be insensitive to the other ladies and gents sat in the waiting room. Luckily when they peeked their head around the door the waiting room was empty so they nipped in and gave a card to the receptionist. The receptionist asked lots of questions and cooed over us before calling all the team out to see us. Again it was lovely for mummy to be able to thank them and show us off as the result of all of their hard work over the last years, mummy hugged the lady who put mummys final frozen embryo back inside her tummy and created us. She and mummy sobbed. Mummy always tells us that we will never ever know how special or loved we are…..we are starting to understand that we are clearly a bit spesh because all of these people are so amazed by us and our journey. 

Mummy checked the blog stats too and we have had 131,000 visitors across 63 countries. Mummy can’t quite believe it. Nannie Newbs was using her bag we bought her for her birthday, it has a picture of us on the front and a lady said to her ‘ oh that’s Austin and rory’ Nannie Couldn’t quite believe it. Mummy gets it all the time when out shopping, people know who we are. It is really strange, mummy never intended for this but secretly we know she is addicted because she wants a picture of everything we do, We have got wise to the camera though and stop smiling as soon as she gets it out.

So, in other news….Rory has caught up now and is on 3 meals per day, the first time. All too much for him….

Mummys work friend Claire and her boyfriend Ben visited. Claire is a twin too. She had a go at feeding us and made a big mess. 

The day after we went on a nice winters walk, it is the first proper walk we have had sine Rory came home from hospital because mummy and daddy weren’t totally sure about carrying us both in the slings and all of the medical equipment we have to take with us. Daddy managed it in his rucksack but he said he felt a little like a donkey ladened up. 

Mummy and Daddy’s friends Nicky & Jason visited. They were really excited to visit too. Mummy and daddy felt that because we’d had a good run at home and were relatively well, we could have a few select visitors at home. Nicky wanted to take us home. 

On Tuesday, we went to Fox Valley because they had a Christmas market and reindeers…..mummy said it was rubbish, we wouldn’t know as we slept rough most of it, we did though manage to buy some toys for the Hallam Fm Mission Christmas Appeal for children less fortunate than us. Another tradition mummy wants to set. Mummy and daddy got carried away with shiny eyes choosing present and thinking about children who weren’t as lucky as us and how sad it is. we went the next day to drop them off. We bought two Disney Planes, a harmonica and a parachute man. 

Mummy’s friend Laura visited in the afternoon, she was pretty cool too. She brought mummy a present because she said everyone must bring for the boys and it was thoughtful to bring something for mummy instead, we agree. Austin was sick on her top, mummy said she looked very smart too. Oops. She is a realist though so mummy said she won’t have minded.
Nat & Big T visited the next day….mummy asked them to be our Godparents (forgot to say mummy booked our christening and first birthday party, we are allowed out in the real world properly from March and so mummy is going to celebrate with a bang with our christening and then as we will pretty much be 1, celebrate it…..big time. We might finally be able to meet everyone, make new friends….live a little. 
Anyway, mummy likes to write….stories, poems, blogs….and so she wrote poems for each of the god parents. Mummy and daddy found it hard to choose the godparents because there are so many people who are good to us but she wanted to choose them for what they will give to us, not in material things but in qualities as a role model. They thought long and hard. Here are nat and Tony’s poems….

Nat cried and we are pretty sure Tony was chuffed too but men with muscles don’t cry do they. 
Uncle Pete visited. He was supposed to be our godparent too, and sue sue…..but they are on holiday so we made them unofficial reserves…..they were happy with that.
We had our first finger food and mummy had a stress because we got it everywhere. She did it whilst daddy was out because he would not have coped with the mess. 

On Christmas Eve Chloe and Mandy visited, mummy asked them too…..Mandy cried….auntie Chloe wasn’t at all surprised to be asked and was….well….erm….emotionally redundant….

Mummy, daddy and grandad were remembering special people because grandad pudding passed away on Christmas Eve two years ago, and mummy visits grandma and grandad hardy at Christmas at the crematorium. She took us…..

Mummy cried reading the messages and grandad was very quiet and then talked all the way home about random stuff. Mummy said it was his way of holding back the tears. Mummy wishes we could have met them. 
In other news….daddy tied muslin cloths around us because we are teething and dribbling lots…..mummy said we looked like shepherds and kept singing shepherd songs to us. 

On Christmas Eve it was magical and manic at our house. 
Santa and his elf visited…..

Then uncle craig came and helped with tea and bath time. Although feeding us made him freak out because it was messy so he mainly just assisted with that but got stuck in at bath time. He helped us spread our reindeer food, he set up our tray for Santa (we used Percy turners pork pie instead of mince pie cos when Santa came round earlier with his elf, he sounded like he was from jump so thought he might appreciate a turners pie)

We asked him to be godparent…

….he then gave us one of our presents, a book.
He began with ‘before I give it you, I bought from Internet and things you buy on Internet are not always as they seem’ he produced a novel. He explained it was a bit advanced for us but that the first pages were the story he and mummy used to read at Christmas…..twas the night before Christmas. How thoughtful. He helped mummy and daddy do bath time, read story,


…..build our tipi for Santa and make our sensory hoop from our old baby grows. We were ready for Santa. Mummy and daddy tiptoed off to bed and waited for the big guy. They daren’t yet get excited…..and rightly so.
At 12:08 Rory woke us all up with a coughing fit. He was choking on his own phlegm and overloaded by secretions in his Trachy tube that he couldn’t breathe. The last time this happened he was blue-lighted by ambulance to Sheffield Childrens. Mummy and daddy discussed whether to call 999 or whether they could manage themselves with experience on side. I sat wide awake watching Rory with a worried look on my face. We all sat and suctioned, saline-d and supported Rory until he settled down and mummy and daddy were happy with him. Then we all got in mummy and daddy’s bed for the last hour before wake up time. 
In the morning we opened lots of presents, Rory slept for most of it because he was exhausted. 

Then Vicky & Nath came, we asked them to be Godparents too…..

Then we went to Nannie & Grandad H’s house for our first Christmas Day. We had lots of fun, tried Christmas dinner and laughed at Great Grandma playing pie face. We got home for bath time and went to bed whilst mummy and daddy worried about where our mountains of gifts were going to go. 

On Boxing Day, Nannie & Grandad Newbs were meant to be coming with the rest of daddy’s family but they were germy so mummy cooked the food and made Nannie & Gdad H come round instead so that it didn’t go to waste. 
Uncle Key visited Tuesday & Lev visited Wednesday and then we had an appointment at Sheffield to see the respiratory team with Rory to check on his collapsed lung, his chest infections and his breathing. The Dr was happy with him but wanted a scan on his lung collapse. We won’t get the results for a week or so. Fingers crossed. 
Mummy has tried to teach us some new stuff this week too. She organised all of our toys and tried to teach us to put the. Away in the right box, the categories are ridiculous though, how do we know which are the medium noisy toys and which are the sensory toys? We haven’t even been in our tipi yet because all of the large toys are shoe-horned in there to make the dining room try. Daddy says mummy is ridiculous. 
Mummy also tried a new routine, we have always had a 3 hourly feed routine and a bath time routine where we were bathed, story, bed by 6:15pm, and it was working, except we wake up around midnight and end up with all 5 of us in mummys bed. We quite like it but mummy and daddy want to teach us to stay in our own bed. So the new routine looked like this…
630 wake up, top and tail.

700 rusk breakfast, fruit & milk

900 nap in cot upstairs 

1000 wake up

1100 dinner, pudding, milk

1200 nap in cot upstairs 

200 milk

430 tea, pudding

500 story time

530 bath

600 milk & bed
But mummy hated it. Although we were asleep almost instantly, she had at least an hour to get jobs done, she felt that there wasn’t any time to play, we used to spend hours playing when we didn’t nap in the day, now it was just eat, sleep, repeat. 
So mummy and daddy have decided to scrap the naps and if we are sleepy we will sleep. Wherever. Instead our days will be filled with playtime and cuddles, lots of them. Sounds good to us. 
Auntie vic came shopping with us to parkgate on Monday and Auntie Chlo came friday and spent the day with us. She said that she has no idea how mummy does it on her own, especially when Rory is poorly like he was today. She gave me lots of cuddles and I was sick on her. Lots. 

Today we had a lovely walk round Wentworth and blew the cobwebs away whilst a lamb dinner bubbled away in the slow cooker. Bring on 2017! 

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