J.A.M files Day 5 (the last one for a while) 

It’s 15:28 and I’m writing from the car, parked up on my drive (thank god the wifi reached) because the boys are fast on and I’m not brave enough to wake them. I’m not sure I have it in me to do another hour…..daddy is home in 30-60 minutes and I’m praying we wait it out. So what if they don’t sleep tonight…..there will be two of us. 

We have been here a while, almost an hour. 😂

Today has been a mixed bag. It started with tears from both boys this morning (very very unusual) and a grumpy Austin all day. Rory has been really well in himself to feeling positive about that. No serious vomits, just little ones. Happy days. 

This morning I managed to get both boys settled whilst I did some admin jobs for ash. 

Then they decided they were bored. I think I have overstimulated them because they literally want to explore and be entertained all of the time (did I really just write that)……

A snapshot of the chaos, Rory pulled the Swedish nose off of his Trachy tube….

And started eating it. 

He pulled the arm off his bouncer and refused to let me put it back, he wanted to hug it.

Even the dog had had enough and wanted to sit on the decking in the cold. 
We were all fed up of cartoons so I put the music channel on, I’ll sing to them, whatever’s on….I thought….I can’t sing by the way……

I found myself singing ‘I’m feeling sexual’ by neiked because that happened to be playing when I turned the channel over…..totally inappropriate…..was this really happening? 

I decided it was cold, I hadn’t turned the heating on and for some insane unknown reason I fancied a fire (15:42 Rorys awake…..in the house we go….resume blog later) 

19:15 boys are fast on and I’m back to tell the tale……

So…I fancied a fire, we’ve had the log burner over a year, I’ve never made a fire, didn’t have a clue where to start, Ashs department…..but I managed….

Except it didn’t last long until it burnt out, even though there was a full log in there. I’d never make an arsonist. 

My friend Charlotte was due to visit, I was praying it would be before feed time. It wasn’t. Feed times are the biggest struggle. I battled through on my own, the whole time thinking to myself that  this was the last feed I’d battle with for two weeks. 

Charlotte arrived and we faced the chaos together….

Then I nipped to town to put some money in the bank. When I pulled up on the drive the boys were still asleep so I sat and began blogging. 

Here we are….

So when Rory woke up I made the 6 trips back and forth to the car with both boys and all of the medical equipment and  changing bag etc and the next door but one neighbours saw us and came for a sneaky peek. We love Sue Sue…..but she woke them up. I took them inside and a double holy meltdown took place and that feed I was hoping ash would be home for….took place. Rory in my arms whilst I feed Austin with one hand and swap. Luckily no vomit! 

I managed to settle them off and ash came home to find me in the same place as I was when he left me 9 hours previous. On the dining room floor with Rory in my arms and entertaining Austin  at the same time.

Am I glad it’s Friday. Boys bathed, story and bed ready for 5:30…..however due to their long car nap they wouldn’t go down until 6:15! Not too bad considering. 

Looking forward to having my wingman back.

J.A.M files return Wednesday 4th January 2017! 

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