Salute to the summer! 

So as we waved daddy off this morning on his first official day back at work, we thought about how lucky those kids at his school are, to have our daddy cool in their lives for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and how strange it will be with just mummy and Beau. 

As mummy got us bathed and dressed, she was talking to us about all of the fun things that happened this summer (we are aware there were some pretty drab times but in the art of positivity) and how it was the most sacred summer of her life because all of her dreams come true….and some!

We have learned to love our lovely home, the lovely area where we live. We have had lots of cuddles and play times. We have had road trips to the seaside and walks around the park but most of all we have met some pretty amazing people. 

Last night whilst we were sleeping in our Moses baskets (always with one eye open) we witnessed a moment. 

Mummy and daddy had a cuddle. ‘Look around’ Mummy said. ‘I know, we’ve done oreyt haven’t we’ daddy replied. Mummy said that all that was missing was a Range Rover and a caravan. Daddy laughed. 

Mummy helped us to get dad a back to work gift. He really has been our rock these past 5 months, mummy is very lucky have him, we all are. He has surpassed mummys almost unattainable expectations by a mile. 

So off he went with his new diary complete with countdown to twin time and our appointments penned in…

So goodbye to the summer, thanks for some wonderful memories and hello to Autumn…..

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