Can you overdose on love?

Opening a bank account is boring. So boring we slept for the whole appointment but at least we have one now and we can start saving.

After the bank we went to the pharmacy and said hello to everyone at the Drs, we are very popular, although we still haven’t seen our favourite….Dr White. 

We saw Mummy’s friend Michael and Julie who coo’d over us for a while and then we went back to the car, daddy’s arms were aching from carrying us both. We could have taken the pram but it wouldn’t have got through the door at the bank, mum did a recky. 

The road sweeper was doing its rounds so daddy protected us from the dust and the germs.

Mummy and daddy made a quick dash to boots for more Milton whilst we were sleeping and they saw even more people who wanted to say hello and who had been following our journey. Dave said he had made us something, he is very talented so we can’t wait to see what it is. We are very lucky.

When we got home, mummy and daddy took us to say hello to Eric and Joan next door. We are making our way round. Joan has been saving coins that were made in our birth year. If you manage to get hold of any, save them for us please and we can build a collection. Very thoughtful idea.

Mummy and daddy had tummy time with us….

As if we don’t have enough toys already….look what they bought us today….

A short while later great Nannie Jean came for her first cuddle…it was priceless. I seriously think you will agree that she looks amazing for 80 in November…she says it’s because we are here and her dreams have come true, we are going to keep her young….

Here we are…..4 generations, with great grandma Jean being a twin….and now us. 

The hospital rang with a date for Austins operation….21st August. Just when we had our first holiday planned. Seems our life will be governed by appointments and germ risk for a while yet.

We had a bath with mummy, we love bobbing about in the bath. Daddy squirted us with our turtle toy….then Aunty Mandy came….

Shortly followed by Aunty Chloe who brought a gorgeous gift…

Then Maggie and Kath came…..

We are loved so much already.

Having visitors is very tiring! 


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