Time served!

99 long days….we have made it home.

Mummy and daddy on their way to collect us….

Our going home outfits…yippeeeeee!

Family selfie in the lift….

In the mummy truck…..

Mummy and daddy didn’t tell anyone we were coming home and they had to sneak the car seats into the car so the neighbours didn’t see.

We made a random stop at bird well roundabout so mummy could check we were breathing…we were just sleeping from the car journey.  When they returned with us in tow, they snook us in through the back door….

Then we slept for a little while until mummy and daddy tidied all of our things away. 

Then daddy fed us both….

And we had a sleep in our bouncer chairs whilst mummy and daddy ate pizza.

Then big sister Beau came home to say hello…

So this is it, all mummy and daddy’s dreams came true. We are home. So we are going to hide from the world.  Mummy will blog about our first week, but for now we are going to enjoy being a family with no interruption, no blogging……just the fabulous 5!! 


3 Replies to “Time served!”

  1. Such wonderful news That Austin and Rory are home 😊😊
    you have waited so long for them to come home you must be so happy as will all your family and friends and your blog followers
    Luv Jane


  2. So happy for you all, just relax and enjoy the most precious moments you have to come xxxx


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