Dig it!

So, yesterday mummy decided that Daddy and Grandad were going to do the drive! 

Daddy has worked so hard for two solid days, he’s such a good egg! 

And thanks to Grandad Hardy for his help this afternoon. 

Mummy and daddy visited us this morning…Rory was a grump and I (Austin) was super sleepy. 

And then mummy came back at night and we were both super sleepy so she caught up on our medical notes, asked a few questions and went home.

Mummy has been spring cleaning again, daddy says the house is so clean already and that mummy needs to calm down, mummy says she feels cheated of the nesting part that happens in pregnancy and so this must be it. The nurses laugh at her too. She just wants everything to be perfect for when we come home. 

We have one final hurdle before home time….obviously we have to stay in air for 2 more days but it is our ROP test tomorrow and it usually increases our oxygen requirement, so fingers crossed we cope ok on our own, and if we do have more ROP disease than last time then there may be a whole new journey for us.

It really is the final hurdle. Mummy bought our going home outfits today and our breathing monitors. 

Shizz is about to get real!!

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