🎢 I’m a little bit lost without you….🎢

Mummy felt lots of different emotions today. 

Today was not only our official due date, the day we should have made it into the world, but it was the 7th anniversary of Grandad Reginald going to the other world in the sky. 

So….mummy went to the hospital with three helium balloons. She pulled up in the hospital car park and sent one to the sky for Grandad Reg, with a little message. She sat on the boot of her car in the rain and had a little moment, remembering all of the happy times (& the sad ones) and wondered if there was anything other than coincidence in the fact that our due date was today, the anniversary of his death. She watched the balloon go up, up and away until she couldn’t see it anymore. 

She took a deep breath, wiped her tears, closed the boot and came straight to our room bearing her usual smile and silly voice to make us smile.

Mummy gave us both a huge cuddle and told us all about Grandad Reg. That’s where Austin got his middle name from. 

We were both still out of oxygen, 48 hours and counting (if we manage 5 more days then we can come home) and our new weight is 7lb 3oz. We weigh exactly the same. The nurse said how well we have done. She said that she has never known babies of 26 week gestation go home without oxygen, so given how poorly our heart and lungs have been too….we are doing pretty well. She also said that we don’t look like prem babies, we are chunky monkeys. The Dr who came even asked why we are here? The nurse had to explain that we are just waiting for another 5 solid oxygen free days before shizz gets real and we go home! Mummy gave us our balloons and crowns that Nannie made us and changed our clothes.

Then mummy left us and came back with daddy later for more cuddles and to get us ready for bed.

Mummy and daddy find it strange at home without us. Lost. Although on the way home mummy and daddy both admitted that they truly believe that we will be home next week. So mummy has decided that she wants to get the driveway done between now and then……so daddy is getting the spade out in the morning πŸ˜‚

Although…..deep down they know to reserve their excitement as our lungs might tire and we might be back in oxygen before our time is up and have to start the whole week again.

Place your bets…..we will be home soon! ⏱⏱

6 Replies to “🎢 I’m a little bit lost without you….🎢”

  1. I bet you two can smell that fresh air now, you have come on in leaps & bounds these last few weeks. How amazing for you that you can both breath on your own now, hope you both find the strength to keep that up then I can have my real hugs from you both very soon. I am starting to get excited for that moment. It is lovely that you have heard about grandad Reg, he was a very special person & we all miss him so much. I know he would have been so proud of your mummy right now. Hope you have a lovely day boys, sending my big hugs as always xxxxx


  2. 48 hours is fantastic! You should be proud. They both look so big now i will keep my fingers crossed for you that they stay off oxgyen and you’ll get to take them home soon. Im so sorry to hear about ur grandad i know there isn’t really anything i can say at this sad time but im thinking of you stay strong kelly


      1. Reece is doing ok hes weighing 11 pounds and 4 ounces he has been back on the cpap a few times as he has had more infections but he has been in highflow again for a while now. So they are going to be transferring us to middlesborough (hopefully) tomorrow !! X


      2. Ah….sorry to hear that. Poor Reece! He’s a tough cookie though! Good luck with your transfer, hope all goes ok. X


  3. He is. So are ur boys. Thankyou the bed is available the ambulance are available the nurses said they are happy for him to go and that there aren’t any issues but we are still waiting for the consulants to confirm that he can get transferred its only potiential now! Am getting a bit sick of being told its ok for reece to go for then something to come up! X


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