Last one standing!

We both tried really hard but by this morning we were both back in our oxygen. It was fun while it lasted.

Mummy came and did our feeds and put our wrist toys on and tried to stimulate our brain….we lay there like two teenagers who couldn’t get up for school on a winters morning. Mummy had no chance.

The Consultant came to talk to mummy and explained the problem with our bloods that mummy couldn’t make any sense of last week. Basically our bodies have an army of different things in our blood that fight badness, one of our army is lame, so our army isn’t fighting fit. Mummy asked what this means for us. Basically if it doesn’t increase then the Drs have to provide substitute to our bone marrow. As with anything artificial going in our body, there are risks and consequences….and this isn’t really an avenue the Drs wish to go down and so we need to hope that our blood results get better. Mummy is going to find it hard not to wrap us in cotton wool when we are home.

The consultant was also discussing our oxygen requirements and the fact that we are full term on Friday. He asked mummy what she wanted to do. As much as mummy wanted to say whatever gets us home quicker, taking us home on oxygen, for some reason her mouth opened and ‘whatever is best for my boys’ came out. Mummy said that she is happy for us to stay here until we are fit and well enough to come home. The sensible option, but against every inch of mummy’s thoughts – she just wants us home. The Dr agreed to a two week timescale and if we haven’t weaned off the oxygen and still need it, we resort to plan b and as the consultant said, the circus palaver that is….going home with oxygen!

Mummy cried all way home, thinking of that moment she will finally take us home. She pulled herself together and with Nannie Hardy…..set to task of Milton-ing all the toys we have and putting them in our toy box. Mummy and Nannie couldn’t help but get excited and set our bouncers up….

Our bugaboo donkey steps are finished now too….thanks to daddy and Grandad Hardy….

We also wished a Happy Birthday to Great Auntie Lynn.

Mummy and daddy came back at teatime when daddy got home from work. They brought us some books and mummy sang nursery rhymes to us. Daddy had his hands full with Austin……feeding, dealing with every Bodily fluid and changing him. Mummy lay back and enjoyed Cuddles with me- mr Rory!!

Baby Louie who shared our room went home too and so together….we are the last ones standing. We can’t wait until it is our turn.


One Reply to “Last one standing!”

  1. Austin & Rory you are so brave, you both did so well without your oxygen, you just got tired. You can try again soon as you get stronger everyday. We are all so proud of you both, your cheeky smiles melts our hearts. Thank you for my birthday wishes, I have snap shot your picture to put in my album. Just wait till you celebrating your birthdays you will have lots of fun. Hope you both have a good day and try to go without your oxygen again. Sending my big hugs to you both xxxxx


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