🎶 the first time….ever I saw your face 🎶

So mummy arrived at 9. Just in time for Rorys feed. She fed him, winded him, changed him and settled him off and then checked my (Austins) chart to see when my feed was due, she counted up the hours and it was due at 10:45, would you believe it…..the clock was bang on, and just as she joked with another mum and the nurse, I stirred. She started all over again. Daddy text on his dinner at 12:10 just as mummy was settling me off, asking if we were all ok, mummy’s responded with;

Been here since 9. Fed Rory, changed Rory, fed Austin, changed Austin. That is all I have achieved and it’s mid day. Oh and I walked Beau before I left! 

Daddy replied with ‘Bless’.

The less said the better. 

Rory was still in air, needing just a tiny 0.01 of oxygen around his feed times. The Dr said that they were going to do a blood gas on him at tea time yo see how he was coping without the oxygen. The Dr also said that they would try me on 0.02. I had other plans.

Mummy text her friend Louisa to wish her Happy Birthday…

Louisa asked if we were out of oxygen, the answer was no, these pics were took super quickly whilst mummy changed our nasal cannulas a few weeks ago.We can dream though. 

Our friend Aviry went home today, we met her at Jessops, she shared our room for a day before being transferred to Barnsley. We had the same due date except we broke into the world 4 weeks earlier than she did. We enjoyed a little play date before she went. Mummy left a note from us saying ‘see you at the park when we get out into the real world’ ☺️

The Dr said that we need to work on our brain and that now would be a good time for a cot mobile etc. We already have a projector, lullaby on our cot and our bouncer chairs and soft toys. Mummy and Nannie Hardy went everywhere trying to find a nice one but mummy hates how everything is plastic and multicoloured. Nannie laughs…..we are babies. That’s what we are supposed to have. Mummy bought bouncers and Moses baskets to match the living room. Mummy has admitted defeat on the toy front. Anyway…..mummy couldn’t find us anything nice so she brought our wrist toys that Aunty Chloe & Aunty Mandy bought for us. (Pics below)

Nannie Hardy has set to work on us a sensory box and has been stocking up on toys for us (mummy didn’t buy many because they dont match and she doesn’t want us to be spoiled. Nannie disagrees and buys us lots anyway (mummy gets annoyed but is obviously grateful – stop now please))

Grandad Hardy and Daddy were finishing our steps tonight when daddy got home from work and Nannie was making us a washable lining for our toy box. Mummy was preparing Nannie Newboroughs ‘Nannie Pad’ in the spare room so that she can visit sometimes and stay over. Everyone was super busy. 

When mummy and daddy got back to the hospital, the nurse said ‘They are both in air’ which was a big step in itself, but we were both without nasal cannulas too. I took mine off myself, same as I did with my Bipap and the ventilator, I get fed up of Rory speeding ahead and I get bored of waiting but Rory had his removed because his blood gas was ok. 

Mummy cried, and cried, looking at Daddy in disbelief…..dare they believe this is it? Their 26week, 2lb babies on the home stretch….and without oxygen……SHINY SHINY SHINY EYES!!!!!

Check us out…..

Mummy checked our faces out up close. She gave us an Eskimo kiss. She kissed our cheeks for the first time. We attempted a family selfie but they missed Rory off (oops) and mummy face timed Uncle Craig and Nannie & Grandad Hardy joined in….Grandad Hardy had shiny eyes (well, dripping more like) and mummy and daddy told us how precious we are and how they had waited 92 days / 13+ weeks / 3 & half month for this moment and were already prepared for us coming home with oxygen.

Mummy and daddy briefly discussed the ‘week out of oxygen’ rule and how soon we might come home but in the car on the way home, Daddy said that they need to keep a level head because by tomorrow we could both tired and be back in oxygen. 

We hope not and we are going to try really hard! Fingers crossed! 

2 Replies to “🎶 the first time….ever I saw your face 🎶”

  1. This is such a milestone ❤️❤️❤️ The Hardy lads can’t wait to see their coordinated home and hairy sibling ❤️❤️❤️


  2. What a brilliant read this morning really good news about you both, mummy & daddy are very happy with you I can tell. Not be long now boys before you are home where you belong. Sending my biggest hugs to you both xxxxx


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