Day 91 ⏱


  • Mummy visited by herself.
  • Rory was very sad and unsettled (very unusual as we are both super content and quiet normally)
  • Rory was in air ALL day today.
  • Both of us were weighed with only 5g between us, we both weigh 6lb 15oz.
  • Rory is getting a flat head on his right side because no matter how many times the nurses rotate him, he always turns his head to face me (Austin).
  • Austin has some further complication with his groin hernia.
  • We have both had a little fun in our bouncy chair.
  • We have both had lots of cuddles
  • The dr feels it better to keep us both in until we are off of oxygen rather than send us home with it – longer stay ahead! 
  • THE NURSE ASKED – WOULD MUMMY TAKE RORY HOME WITHOUT ME (Austin) !!!!!! (How can She do that? Really?!!!) 
  • Two more babies went home – even the nurse said to mummy ‘it’ll be your turn one day’ it was written all over mummy’s face that she finds it hard.
  • Daddy visited with mummy at night time.
  • Daddy reckoned looking after two is easy whilst cuddling Rory and rocking me (Austin) with his foot. 😂

Pictures from today;

I wonder if we get a letter from the Queen when we are 100 days old? 

One Reply to “Day 91 ⏱”

  1. well it looks like you’ve got a fisherman, “i tell thy it were that big”


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