๐ŸŽถ Anything could happen….๐ŸŽถ

When mummy rang this morning, we had a surprise for her…those nasty immunisations hadn’t bothered us this time and Rory was in air! Wow – no oxygen!

Mummy and daddy dared to think that it might mean the oxygen (for Rory at least) wasn’t coming home with us! I (Austin) really wanted to be in air too and I kept trying, pinging at 100, being turned down and then pinging low and needing turning back up again.

However….when mummy walked through the door, the nurse told mummy that we were both in air….I did it! Mummy had shiny eyes and a really weird feeling in her heart…..anything could happen now! She might not be taking two babies home on oxygen after all. I was so proud that I had managed to do it! 

It wasn’t long though before we were both back on oxygen,between 0.01 and 0.05, so still not a lot really. Mummy was feeding Rory earlier when he forgot to breathe, went completely grey and mummy had to give him some oxygen through the funnel to bring him back. She doesn’t even stress about it….when did drama like that become so normal? Mummy asked the nurse what she should do if one of us forgot to breathe at home….with or without oxygen. The answer was simple really. Resuscitation whilst on the phone to an ambulance! Mummy’s brain went through a million scenarios in her head at the speed of lightning thinking of all the places they could be and that happen…..at the park with us both and Beau Jangles for example….what would happen to the other one of us, Beau and the pram….it can’t all go in the ambulance. Mummy decided that she needs a list of people on standby to call whenever she goes out, just in case, and an emergency plan and risk assessment for every trip out. You know she’s not kidding!! 

It was Great Nannie T’s birthday today, 86 years old. We sent her a picture this morning…..

Except after sending it, mummy and daddy weren’t sure if that was two pictures of the same twin, so they looked at the pictures they had of us having a bath the other day and they could not decide who was who, we look exactly the same. Here are the 4 pictures…anyone would think we were one baby. 

So we had another bath today and lots of cuddles.

Mummy read through all of our notes and asked lots of questions..we wish it was a straightforward journey so we knew when we were going home…lets see what the next week brings….due date in 6 days….anything could happen!

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