A new day!

So mummy arrived super early today because she had some pampering booked with Aunty Chloe from Christmas. Good timing really – she needed it.

Mummy arrived to find me (Austin) fast asleep on my tummy and Rory being assessed by the physio lady. Last time we were assessed, mummy read the report and made note of all the areas we needed to get better at. She has spent every day since then working on these areas and so couldn’t help herself listing off all of the things we can do now, mummy had to reign it in.  The physio lady couldn’t do mine because i was fast asleep, i didn’t even wake to say hi to mummy. 

Rory on the other hand kept wriggling and noseying around.

When mummy got back from her pampering, an hour or so later, she found me having a feed with the nurse and Rory in a cot all by himself.

She panicked…..what could have possibly happened?!!

Turns out in the short time mummy was gone, we’d had our chest x-Ray and I’d been seen by the physio too. 

The nurse told mummy that we had both been discharged by the physio. yippee 🎉

Mummy was telling us all about the seaside. She said that if she couldn’t take us to the seaside yet, she would bring the seaside to us, so made our bed with seaside themed muslin and dressed us in our summer outfit. We just needed a sun hat and bucket and spade.

Rory enjoyed the seaside so much, he was in air and saturating at 95. He didn’t need any oxygen, the pretend sea air must have done him good.

This morning the sister was telling us how there is a national shortage of vaccinations, so mummy was worrying that we wouldn’t get ours. However, we got some this afternoon. We were both good as gold although afterwards I felt a little hungry but daddy short changed me with the dummy. They keep saying we can’t be snackers! 

Nannie and Grandad Hardy visited again, apparently Nannie has bought us more toys, two days in a row she has turned up at mummy’s with shopping bags. Mummy says she is a naughty Nannie because she is totally spoiling us already. She bought us some new wheels for when we are nannies house yesterday but mummy says not to get excited because she won’t be looking after us any time soon. 

Nannie and Grandad both had shiny eyes when cuddling us. They are so proud, Nannie kept kissing us so mummy told her off. 

Mummy and daddy put us in a sleep suit and tucked us up tight.

Looking forward to the weekend with Daddy! 💙💙

One Reply to “A new day!”

  1. Good morning boys, it is so lovely to see you are doing so well. Sorry I have not responded to all your mummy’s blogs although I am keeping up with all that is happening everyday. You are both so cute. Glad to hear that nannie is already spoiling you because that’s our job. Mummy & Daddy are doing a sterling job it has been hard for them but you two are their driving force and will do what ever they have to do for you both. Really hope you get home very soon so you can enjoy the real fresh air which will make you feel even better. Have a super day with mummy & daddy, another day closer to coming home. Sending big hugs to you all xxxxx


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