When Daddy lost his shizzle! 

So today has been a rubbish day. It began with mummy throwing up amid dizzy blackout spells through sheer exhaustion and ended with daddy in tears, ranting at the sister who is actually really lovely….just a shame she was there at the time….and copped for it! 

Somewhere in between all of this came news that we aren’t going home anytime soon!

So…mummy registered us at the Drs and made them aware of our milk requirement because we will get our special milk from the chemist. Mummy still needs to notify the fire service, house and car insurance about us having oxygen and get our fire alarms checked. 

Mummy visited us this morning (after doing all of the washing and pegging it out to dry) and on the way she saw a BOC lorry, 

she wished that it was delivering our oxygen so that meant we would be coming home. It wasn’t. Little did she know at that time, we were facing a longer road than we thought. 

When mummy arrived at the hospital she was met by a Dr who asked to speak to mummy and our progress and discharge. Basically there are lots of things that need sorting out first;

  • Austins hernia, a referral needs to be made to the surgical team with hope of getting it sorted before discharge. However there are currently no beds in Barnsley for this. Following daddy’s meltdown the sister said this is not the case and he will most likely be seen as an outpatient. 
  • We need to stay in for our next ROP screen which is in 2 weeks, if there has been an increase, this will need to be sorted before discharge,- possible laser eye surgery in Leeds. Again following daddy’s meltdown, sister said likely to be seen as an outpatient.
  • We need to have an echo, these are only done in Sheffield. 
  • We need to be referred to cardiologist to see if there is anything other than chronic lung disease meaning we need oxygen. Cardiologist is in Leeds and visits Barnsley once a month. A referral hasn’t been sent as yet. 
  • We need to see the respiratory team from Sheffield.
  • We need to complete our hearing screen.
  • We need to have an ECG and heart scan. 
  • We need to be traced for oxygen levels, oxygen set up in our house, car, pram etc and all safety measures in place. 

Due date is in 9 days! :/ oh and Did we mention have our immunisations as well which might knock us back 6 weeks worth of progress like last time. 

Oh and the Dr wants to put us on Gavin on to rule out reflux as being a reason for higher oxygen requirement when we feed. Mummy didn’t agree! She doesn’t think we have any signs of reflux. She also thinks the side effects won’t be helpful as we have them already, without Gaviscon in our system. 

So….as if by magic two ladies arrived to do our ECG. They had to use an adult machine because Barnsley don’t have a children’s one. We were so unhappy, we screamed the place down. Austin went first. When mummy undressed him she realised that the nurse had put rorys football vest with his name on the back – on Austin. Now given that we both lost name tags yesterday. Mummy freaked out. 

When mummy settled him and put him back he was very rude to the ladies…

Then it was my (Rory) turn.

Afterwards mummy let us have some fun in our bouncers…

Then she went home to clean up and re-do the Mates of Milton notice board and put signs up for the gala (shameless plug)

Mummy then did as she was told and rested for a little while reading a book on the patio. She even sat through a rain shower because she was so enthralled in reading The Unmumsy Mum book. She was sent it from a friend, a very supportive friend who she hasn’t met yet, but who has been so amazing in supporting mummy. She goes out with mummy and daddy’s friend Dez. We love her already!

So when mummy and daddy returned to the hospital, daddy burst. Mummy told daddy all of the things he needed to hear, but deep down (actually, not that deep) mummy felt the same. Like we are flogging a 3 legged donkey in the grand national. They really do believe we would have been home this week or next had we not been transferred to Barnsley, because the specialists we need are at Sheffield anyway. We really miss our Jessops family. 

We had our first family cuddle, I think it is what we all needed after a rubbish day. I sat on mummy’s knee and Austins on daddy’s, they squeezed up close and we all had a cuddle and mummy and daddy kissed. Austin and I looked away. How embarassing. ☺️

They tucked us up for the night…

We decided to try and trick mummy and daddy into feeding us. They are too clever. They knew we weren’t due for a while yet so they tricked us with dummies. 

Mummy and daddy found out that the nurse today has been giving us hot milk when we have it cold. Mummy found a bottle warmer insert with our name on it. Oops. Mummy told the nurses about it so we are back to normal now. 

We only put a tiny bit on today so till weighing around 6lb 10. The Dr also said that weight is important for operations and things so we need to feed and grow a bit too. 

In the car on the way home, daddy apologised to mummy. He said he was sorry for letting her down and not being strong and that he should be holding it together for mummy. Mummy said it is sad that he feels like that and he shouldn’t bottle it up. Dads need support too sometimes. 

We love you daddy!! 💙💙

One Reply to “When Daddy lost his shizzle! ”

  1. Morning Austin & Rory….sorry to hear that yesterday was such a horrible day for everyone…..and hope that today is a better one.
    It was nice to see that at the end of a bad day…you were all able to have a family cuddle, and that mummy & daddy were able to apologise to each other, but more importantly I think it probably did your daddy at lot of good to lose his Shizzle as after all he’s not Superman…he’s your very special and loving Daddy 💙💙


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