Welcome to the parent party 🎈

So mummy arrived today, by herself again, just in time for Austins feed. She fed him, changed him, settled him, just in time for when I (Rory) started stirring for my turn. 

It’s strange in our room now because the other two mums and babies have moved into the special rooms where you go to prepare for going home, so it is really lonely. I can tell mummy feels a bit sad, like she has been left behind…..waiting anxiously for the ten steps back or the fall at the final hurdle. 

Aunty Mandy sent a gorgeous cake with Aunty Chloe last night so mummy decided that because sharing is caring, she would take it into the hospital and put it in the parent room and invite all of the other mummy’s and daddy’s to have a cup of tea, slice of cake and a chinwag! It was lovely….except that the other mummy’s had their babies with them but we had to stay in our room because we are plugged into oxygen in the wall. So mummy kept busy making tea and serving cake. 

Mummy kept popping back to check we were OK, and we were tucked up nice and settled….

It was comical seeing the mummy’s who were sleeping in with messy hair, no make-up and sleep deprivationitis…..and listening to the talking about sneaking into the ward to get milk hoping nobody saw them in the middle of the night. 

Mummy came back to our room just in time for our next feed where she took it in turns to do it all again. Mummy had to make all our drugs up with a syringe and have it checked by the sister to prove she is capable of doing it……of course she passed! 

We all had cuddles whilst our feed settled and anxiously waited for the immunisations to take place. The Dr and nurse gave mummy the heads up that they were on their way, so mummy undressed us and kept squeezing our thighs in rhythm so that it wasn’t a shock when the Dr did it……although we still knew what was going on…..and we weren’t scared! After what felt like a lifetime the Dr and Nurse came back and explained that the drugs weren’t in the fridge where they were meant to be. They had looked everywhere and they weren’t there, so the nurse went to the pharmacy to get some more, except there wasn’t any in stock. The nurse ordered some in. We also learnt that as these drugs are coming after the 1st July, we won’t be entitled to the Meningitus C vaccine because of policy changes. One less drug I suppose. So….it might be Friday when the drugs arrive. Let’s hope this wasted week of waiting isn’t topped with a week of backwards progress and a never ending nicu journey. Especially when home is in reach. 

Daddy came after work, him and mummy fed us again and changed us for bed. Daddy was telling us about school. He had a class today at snack time and they were discussing us. A pupil asked how daddy will tell us apart, so daddy asked them for ideas, here is what they said…

* different haircuts, one has a Mohawk 

* hair dye – different colours

* t-shirts with a & r on them

Nothing that we agree to. 

The nurse says we are getting weighed again tomorrow. Because the wrong weights were recorded in our charts. Mummy remembered our weights though and tried to help fix the documents, so maybe we might get away with it. 

The nurse was telling mummy that they have taken on board all of her suggestions and are implementing them. This made mummy very proud as she can help other mummy’s and daddy’s have a better experience. The nurse told mummy she would make a good BLISS volunteer on the ward, but mummy said she would struggle to find the time. 

Mummy and daddy left us all tucked up for the night….

Mummy says that if she could have more hours in every day it would be to thank each and every one of you who have sent gifts, cards etc. She gets a parcel every day. It is so thoughtful and your support is helping her get through. We are all so lucky to have friends and family like you. These are some of the latest ones…we had some cool cheeky monkey tops and pop-up hungry caterpillar and peter rabbit books too.

The red box is popcorn, goodies and a cinema voucher for mummy and daddy time. How thoughtful.

And mummy was chatting to an old friend today who is following a similar journey to mummy, and she was saying that mummy must have an amazing photo journal of all our scan pictures. Mummy was lucky to have a scan picture every fortnight, and to be able to see us as a frozen embryo, to one implanted egg, to two babies the week after. Mummy realised she had never shared her scan pictures….so here they are…

Quite uncanny that mum bought 4 frames originally, 1 broke, leaving 3 frames, 12 spaces and only 26 weeks of fortnightly scans. Just enough.

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