‘You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.’ – Superman

Mummy, daddy & uncle Craig arrived this morning. They did our cares and fed us. Uncle Craig was exhausted watching mummy and daddy flip between one of us and the other. Mummy and daddy had about 15 minutes rest between finishing the first lot of cares and starting them again. 

Mummy had a quick cuddle…

before she took that 15 minutes rest and left us with daddy and uncle Craig whilst she pottered around sterilising bottles and organising our drawers, packing up washing, making our bed and sorting our clean clothes. 

Then we had a short spell fighting crime…..

…..daddy tried to be the joker……

So uncool!!!! 

In fact, daddy nearly killed me (Rory) when he was flying me around and practicing batman poses and my heart rate dropped. Mummy told him we aren’t toys. 😂

We had some fun bouncing around….

It was all thirsty work and very tiring and so we had another feed, lots of cuddles…

 And an afternoon nap whilst mummy and daddy and uncle craig went home for lunch and to walk Beau Jangles. 

Daddy caught us holding hands!

Mummy and daddy came back, they bathed us, changed us, fed us…..

Mummy changed our nasal cannulas and gave us new sats probes on our feet. She got a sneaky snap of us without any wires….



A busy day all round! 

2 Replies to “‘You are much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.’ – Superman”

  1. What a brilliant pair of super heroes today, I love your grows I think they have secret powers in them. It was lovely to see you without your wires, we could see your beautiful faces, I think you look like your daddy now. Keep up the good work boys. Sending hugs xxxxx


  2. You are doing an amazing job
    Caring for Austin and Rory
    Your blog is such A good idea hope more mums and dads with premature babies will start one
    Luv Jane
    ( Jane Collins – Lizs mum in law )


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