38 weeks today – if we were in mummy’s tummy! 

Mummy arrived on her own today, just as the physio arrived to check us out. We had just had a feed though so they are going to come back another day. 

Mummy did our cares and fed us and cuddled us, juggling our needs one after the other. She kisses us lots and tells us how precious we are. 

Mummy was talking to the other mums in our room about our journey and how tough it has been, they were talking about when we all ‘get out’ we are going to have a party in the park. Can’t wait for that. 

Mummy tucked us up…..

….and went home to do the food shopping and have some dinner and when she came back (just in time for our next feed) she did it all again. She was just feeding Austin when I (Rory) started getting hungry. Mummy was trying to feed Austin who was being really stubborn and closing his lips and keep me happy at the same time. She finished Austins feed and made my bottle and whilst she was feeding me, Austin decided he was still hungry…..mummy was dizzy!

Also, I was sick. Luckily another mummy was able to pass mummy something to clean it up with, it isn’t easy to move when we are attached to the oxygen. 

When mummy was making our bottles she realised that a 90ml milk bottle measured over 100ml in a tommee tippee bottle and so when looking at the amount left over and recording it on our chart, we are being short changed by at least 10ml each feed, which will have a bearing on our totals which we are being judged against and mummy has been worrying about. Mummy asked the nurse to syringe out a full bottle and together they worked out a plan. Now, after our feed they have to syringe out what is left and subtract that amount from 90ml to find out how much we have taken. An effort, but mummy wants the records to be super accurate. 

Mummy decided that she wanted us out for cuddles together, and with nobody around, she created a plan in her head. She pushed two chairs together and put a pillow on one chair. She lifted us both out and put us on the pillow and then used the pillow to lift us onto her knee, put her feet up on the other chair and cuddled us. 

One of the machines started beeping, Austin was having a de-saturation in his oxygen. Problem was, mummy didn’t know which one Austin was, she had to trace the wire back to the machine. Turned out mummy had stretched the wire too far and pulled it out of the wall. Austin was without oxygen for a few minutes. Epic fail! 

Mummy was talking to the nurse about all of the wonderful things they do at Jessops and making suggestions on how they could improve things. The nurse took some on board straight away and put lots of laminated notes around our cot with instructions. 

– we like to have our own muslin cloths for bedding

– mummy likes to change our bedding every day – save it for mummy please

– please use tommee tippee bottles, teat no. 2

– please syringe our remaining milk for measure please

We think the nurses might send us home quicker because mummy is a nightmare. 

Then Daddy came, we had another feed and lots of cuddles before they tucked us up and left us for the night. 

One of the mummy’s in our room text mummy before she left to say we’re tucked up…..

We have to be on our best behaviour now mummy has secret baby sitters! 


One Reply to “38 weeks today – if we were in mummy’s tummy! ”

  1. Your doing extremely well boys, your mummy is so funny, not be long now before you can come home, sending big hugs xxxxx


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