Are we there yet?

Mummy arrived on her own again today, but we were sleeping, tucked up on our tummys and so because we were being our usual, good as gold, content little selves, she didn’t really need to do much, except watch us sleep.

Mummy was super quiet today, everyone who knows mummy knows that she is beginning to crack, but who wouldn’t after 12 week / 3 month / 79 days of hospital stress. She just wants us home now.

The Drs are happy that both of Austins hernias seem to be healing on their own, but mine (Rory) are still under review with possible referral to the surgical team. We have to have some more bloods taken because there was something wrong with the last ones and if the next bloods are the same, we need treatment for that too. The Dr could still hear our heart murmur and we are still struggling with our Chronic Lung Disease, Respiritory Distress Disorder, Hypotension…..oxygen levels, Brady’s and de-sats and all breathing related functions.

We are waiting for a hearing and eye screen and our next lot of immunisations and mummy is hoping that we don’t take a giant step back like last time because we are so close to home. Mummy’s bed time reading is to prepare for home…

We also need to nail our feeding. We are feeding really well, taking milk on demand but we are not quite managing our daily amount and so we need to have gained weight at our weigh in tomorrow, otherwise we will get our feeding tubes back.

Mummy and Daddy aren’t convinced the total measurements are a true reflection of the amount of milk we take because we have been given so many different teats and fed in so many different positions that there isn’t really any consistency for measurement and comparison to be valid. Suppose we just suck it and see.

Grandad Hardy was waiting for mummy and daddy today when they got back from hospital…..I heard mummy telling the nurses that there is always something going on at our house and that at the moment grandad is on with building us some steps that are Bugaboo Donkey friendly! 

Here are some pictures of us today….


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