Welcome to the club!

Why is it that as a mum, you are judged regardless of your choice? 

If you breastfeed you are a snob who thinks she is a cut above, if you bottle feed then you are a bad mum.

If you are coping, people don’t believe you, mock you for being super mum, if you need help, you are pathetic.

If you have a c-section, it’s the ‘easy’ option. Is there really an easy option to birthing a child, I mean really??!??

It goes on. Why do we insist on judging the choices we make as parents? Surely we are all the same right? Just trying to make it through another day, doing the best we can for our kids? Why does everything have to be a competition? It’s winding me up already!

You just can’t win!

I text a friend with this exact rant……welcome to the club she said. 

Her advice was;

‘Oh give up on the winning streak right now. Never again my friend! It’s a daily battle and being a mum is literally putting someone’s else needs before your own 24 hours a day and then beating yourself up with guilt that you’ve done it wrong anyway. ‘

Sounds fun doesn’t it!

Surely us mums should be bigging ourselves and each other up for, well, doing exactly that….being a mum because let’s face it, it’s not easy and it isn’t made any easier at the hands of the mummy judges! 

Be positive…..tell someone they are doing a good job! 

My mum did a great job of helping out earlier although she wasn’t really allowed to do much, just being there and supporting me, not judging or telling me I’m doing it wrong, just generally being a good mum (& Nannie)

And here I am feeding my boy on a pillow, not holding him closely in my arms…..lazy and unloving you might think, no….because he can control and coordinate his sucking, swallowing and breathing much better this way….there you go, I made that choice because it is the best for my boy….so don’t judge. And I’m using a muslin square instead of a bib because I want to, so keep your judgemental opinions to yourself and leave me to parent my boys how I want to……I’ve waited long enough! 

2 Replies to “Welcome to the club!”

  1. Been a mum don’t come with a manual Kelly 100% sure your chooses for your boys would be the best but to others they would be the worse as your friend said welcome to the club drives you insane.
    But at the end of the day both my boys make me proud

    I gone back to work & my Little one is 9months old but I never worked with my oldest & i Feel like I’m getting judged big time. I feel it’s best for me / them & in the long run we can have big & better Family time.


  2. I love this and every word you put. I remember losing it when I spent weeks in nicu with Paisley. I still lose it now daily. Have to go and have a quiet word with myself that people haven’t been through what I/we have, I do what is right for our situation. The best for my girl. My family. Despite other people’s opinions. Your doing a lot better than I did, a hell of a lot better. The boys are looking amazing! And so are you! xx


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