Just another manic Monday….ğŸŽ¶

When mummy and daddy had shiny eyes as daddy drove up the drive, mummy thought the hardest part was going to be that we didn’t have daddy with us until he finished his first day at work and that we would miss him. 

We thought we would keep her busy to take her mind off the fact that daddy had gone back to work and so whilst we had always been pretty much in sync, we took it in turns instead to feed, sick, poo, cry, cuddle (joys of demand feeding) and mummy didn’t stop for a minute. 

The biggest problem solving challenge was when she had both if us on her knee and Austins heart rate dropped, to single handedly lift him back into the cot and open his airways whilst still holding me with the other hand…..the other mums and dads in our room watched nervously….but she did it. 

She ran round like a headless chicken all morning, with a choir of ‘oh gosh the other ones stirring now’ ‘god she’s got her hands full’ ‘have you got any help when you go home love’ from other parents and visitors. Austin and I giggled secretly…..she’s gonna need it! 

So mummy didn’t take any pictures at all this morning, which was a shame because we have had our feeding tube taken out. We seem to have cracked this demand feeding. The only thing keeping us. From home now is time….because they can’t trace us and set up our home oxygen system until we are 40 weeks….in 2.5 weeks time, so we just need to keep going as we are until then and hope the process doesn’t take too long so that we can get home for the gala and the 6 week holidays when we will have all day every day with mummy, daddy and Beau. 

Mummy was very lucky that lots of people kindly offered their company at lunchtime because they knew it might be hard for mummy, this made mummy smile very much. However….she went home for a sandwich and to spend time with Beau so she didn’t get left out. A nice walk in the sunshine and a bite of mummy’s sandwich. Smiles all round.

Nat came with two bouncer chairs for us. The hospital say we can try them now because mummy asked lots of questions about stimulating us now we are bearly ready to be born (& 3 months old already)….mummy didn’t want to bring our really nice ones from home, so Nat brought us some different ones which stack for easy storage too. Thank you Nat…we can’t wait to try them.

Daddy came straight from work (under strict instruction to cover himself in anti-bac, alcohol gel and clean clothes – no kid germs allowed) and helped mummy bath us, change our nasal cannulas, feed us and treat us to lots of cuddles. We even wore gro’s to show daddy our appreciation, and how much we had missed him.

Here is our day in pictures…

Check out Austin on his brief stint without pipes and wires….

And the highlight of mummy’s day….she came back to a note from Sandra, the Bliss nurse at Jessops. Mummy misses our Jessops family so much. We all do. We owe everything to them and will never take it for granted. 

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