Suck it Sunday! 

We have been doing such a good job with our feeding that the nurses decided to try us on the ultimate feeding test…..demand feeding.

The nurses have a target amount that we have to take in 12 hours and we have to wake when we are hungry, tell them what we want and then suck for as long as we can to get as full as we need. It is totally us in charge. If we can crack this in the next 48 hours we can have our feeding tube removed and our only challenge before home will be time, as the oxygen team don’t trace and prepare us for home until we are 40 weeks, unless by some miracle we wake up one day and know how to breathe and can go home early. If we can crack the demand feeding, it might help our breathing because we aren’t being stuffed with an hourly amount through our tube which squashes our lungs and makes it harder to breathe. It goes hand in hand. 

Nannie & Grandad Newborough visited and we had some secret visitors too. That’s the last of our visitors now. We will be home soon to meet you all. 

Daddy made the most of cuddles because he is going to work tomorrow. He felt sad. Mummy will take care of us though and we are having a new routine tomorrow where mummy comes on her own when daddy goes to work and then daddy comes after work and we all have bath time, feed, story time and bed. This is what will get daddy through the day and us as a family through the next couple of weeks.

It’s weigh day tomorrow.

Mummy and daddy left us tucked up for the night.

 1 day closer to coming home. 👍🏻

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