Harmful if swallowed!

Mummy called this morning, and bit her tongue again. We’ve learnt that mummy wears her heart on her sleeve and is always very open about her feelings, the nurses at Jessops could read her like a book, but Austin and I have noticed that her and daddy have been a little quiet for a while since we moved to Barnsley, or rather they haven’t truly opened their mouth and let the whole truth come out – just little mouse squeaks every now and then. 

Mummy and daddy have some friends who work with neonates like us and some friends who have premature babies like us and so mummy asked lots of questions, formed an educated opinion, reviewed her thoughts and planned to see how the next few days went.

So. When they arrived at 9am and were met with a nurse who asked mummy why the boys weren’t on 4 hourly feeds yet…..the flood gates opened and all of mummy and daddy’s concerns and worries flooded right out. Oops! Of course mummy is always diplomatic and would never wish to offend anyone, but she just wants the best for us, that’s all. 

Moral of the story: negative thoughts and feelings are harmful if swallowed. 

Mummy and daddy chatted at length with a lovely nurse and sister throughout the day and together built a plan for us (not like mummy πŸ™„) and we have made progress already. Mummy and daddy feel pleased that their worries were unnecessary but sad that it took an explosion of mummy’s emotions for there to be a change for the better.

And just to show mummy I’ve (Rory) got her back, I necked a whole 70ml (my target was 52ml) whilst the sister and nurse was watching, and then just as mummy was about to leave us all tucked up in our new baby grows (thanks Kath)…..

I threw up, for the first time and needed a bed change and a new gro! πŸ™ˆ

Mummy and daddy went to see mummy’s friend from school, Liz, who has twin boys like us but a bit older. Their daddy Louis made mummy and daddy tea and bacon sandwiches (& fed them cream cakes) and our new friends Noah & Ethan painted us pictures. We can’t wait to play with them at the park when we are bigger.

Mummy and daddy came back to the hospital and we had been turned down in our oxygen and moved to the next step on our feeds. WE ARE BACK IN THE GAME! 

Check me (Rory) out without my oxygen….only for a minute or so whilst mummy fitted me a new nasal cannula, but a minute all the same. 


One Reply to “Harmful if swallowed!”

  1. You boys are moving fast now, having your bottles & drinking more milk which is amazing for you both. Rory you must have guzzled too much to bring some back but that doesn’t matter at all, bet mummy loved cleaning you up again really. I notice you are awake more now in your pictures having a good nosy. Hope mummy & daddy have got everything off their chest now, things will be better now. Have a lovely day boys, sending hugs xxxxx


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