37 weeks pregnant…..11 week old already! 

Summary: mummy and daddy had a rubbish day. Mummy has packed our next size clothes for tomorrow. We had lots of fun with mummy and daddy.

Today in pictures.

2 Replies to “37 weeks pregnant…..11 week old already! ”

  1. Well worth the wait tonight, you really are getting more alert, taking notice of your surroundings. Loving the pout (Austin I think) Sounds like you moving up a size in clothes tomorrow so you can grow a bit more tonight ready for your new outfits. They do say you grow when you are asleep. Sweet dreams boys, sending hugs xxxxx


  2. Stay strong you are all doing amazing stuff and staying focused It must be sbsolutely exhausting for you to cope with new Parenthood this way but you will reap the rewards! Take care Love Cathy xx


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