✈️ Welcome to the departure lounge ! ✈️

So….today i learned that the room our boys are in is known as the departure lounge. Two of the babies in there went home today although neither had spent too long there, just a couple of days for something minor. That now leaves our boys and the baby who we shared a room with at Jessops, who also shares the same due date. It almost feels like the race is on to reach our destination. Home.

So…as the boys are much more stable now and getting home is a case of learning to feed and/or breathe for themselves, Daddy has decided to go back to work. Luckily it is only a couple of weeks until the summer holidays and so although it will be a difficult few weeks, he feels like he is doing the right thing and preparing for the end of term and the new start for September. I will miss him, and it might be hard going on my own every day, but we are very lucky that we have had him with us on the journey so far and he will visit every day at night. It’s worth the struggle for a couple of weeks when u think of the end goal….and so I had a practice run today, daddy went to the gym and left me to do the boys bath and cares….all by myself. 

I absolutely aced it. The nurse offered her help, over and over but little miss independent refused and quite happily took the compliments from other mummy’s and the nurses for being organised, calm, patient and managing everything without ‘pass me…’ ‘Hold me….’ ‘Can you just….’ Feeling a very proud mummy! It isn’t easy juggling two, especially with wires, controlling machines and oxygen levels whilst holding a wriggly bum of a baby at the same time. Please note….I am not about to become the ‘I’m the best mum on the planet blog’ but on this occasion I’m pretty chuffed with myself.

Both boys managed the majority of their 9am bottle and loved their bath. They were tucked up snuggly and clean when Nannie and Great Grandma Jean arrived. Now, as the boys were so poorly and in intensive care at Jessops, visiting was limited due to risk of infection. Now the boys are in special care it is slightly more relaxed and so we have invited a handful of visitors to make a quick visit….with no cuddles allowed, obviously. Ideally we would love for everyone to visit but unfortunately you will have to wait until they are home. When great Grandad Ian passed away, Great Grandma Jean said she just wanted to live long enough to see me have kids. So although you can imagine the pressure I felt, you can imagine the joy when I fell pregnant with twins, my Gran been a twin herself. She has had to wait 10 long week to meet them, and still wasn’t allowed a cuddle. There are no words.

Then in the afternoon we had some secret visitors too and whilst they were there the boys began rooting around for a bottle, so we fed them by bottle when it should have been a tube feed and they pretty much nailed it. Dare I think that they might just be getting it?

We left the boys after that and no sooner had we arrived home that the hospital rang. Panic stations. Turns out Austin was wide awake rooting around and eating anything in his grasp…his hand, his clothes, his brother….and although the nurse had given him an extra 10ml he wasn’t satisfied. Perhaps he’s ready for demand feeding? 

I asked the nurse when she reckons we will be home, I ask a lot. Today’s answer was at the earliest, the week after the due date, so in around 4 – 5 week, and that we will be going home with oxygen. 

Today was also weigh day…they are now both weighing 6lb 2oz….where did my 2lb babies go?

Back at home we are cracking on with the boy hut and Grandad Hardy has decided to bulldoze mummy into a pram friendly front doorstep…..I’ve been putting off more building work, tomorrow is an INSET day and he’s going to the builders merchants first thing, with plans to crack on whilst we are at the hospital with our boys. 

And today’s the day we made our vote for the EU referendum. Scary thoughts about our future. It was the toughest vote I’ve ever made because it’s not just my future, it’s my boys future too and I just want what’s best for them. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. 


2 Replies to “✈️ Welcome to the departure lounge ! ✈️”

  1. I bet you boys are getting excited for your next adventure, coming home, you seem to be nailing the bottle feeding judging by what you now weigh, how amazing are you. It was lovely to see great grandma visiting you, her face was a picture. It won’t be long now before you will feel fresh air round your face, how amazing will that be. Sending hugs xxxxx


  2. You are doing brilliant your bog is such a great idea I hope there is a way of printing it off because it’s something that will be lovely to keep and for Austin an Rory to read
    I am pleased they are in the departure lounge in my days on scbu it was called the cool room and was the room nearest the door to home In all my years as a midwife I have always said that mums who have twins have a very special gift they are special and have that extra caring coping and organised personality to deal with their twins as its not an easy task
    You are all of those things and more Kelly I only met you on Lizs hen party in Dublin but I know you are such a lovely person
    I hope Austin and Rory continue to make good progress and will be home soon
    Love Jane
    ( Pauls mum )


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