10 weeks old!

So this is the week we SHOULD be arriving! Mummy would have been helped to deliver us this week as planned by the consultant who checked mummy every fortnight. But we are ten weeks old already. Wow! 

Mummy always knew we would be early, but only 4 weeks, not 14. This is because we were twins and sharing a placenta and we were a high risk pregnancy. 

Mummy and daddy came to do our 9am feed this morning as usual and then left early afternoon because we were having our eye test for ROP disease. It isn’t a very nice procedure but we are used to it now. Luckily the results came back and we are still both free of ROP disease and will be checked again in two weeks time because while we we are on oxygen, we are at risk of it developing. 

The dr checked our umbilical hernias and my (Austin) groin hernia and said he would refer us to the surgical team. It isn’t anything to worry about unless my bowel gets trapped inside. 

We were weighed again too….

Austin 5lb 14 oz

Rory 5lb 15 oz

Rory has overtook me now. 

Today was mostly a day for cuddles with Daddy in our footy kits pending England’s match tonight, and secret visitors when mummy and daddy came back for our 6 o clock feed. 

Do you like our knitted football booties?


We were a little bit cool tonight, so mummy wrapped us up in our nice clean bed. Dreaming of a win for England!


One Reply to “10 weeks old!”

  1. You will both be hitting the 6lb on the scales next time you are weighed, so happy for you that you are still clear of the ROP desease, hope the test did not unsettle you too much. Love your England outfits with daddy you all look cool, it won’t be long now before you will be going for a stroll round the football pitch with mummy & daddy. So happy to see that you have both settled in at barnsley, you are in good hands, sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


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