Happy Fathers Day! 

Mummy got up at 4am with Beau Jangles to let Daddy have a rest. Although she still got them up again at 6am so it didn’t really work out. It’s good training for when we are home though. Mummy says she was just extra excited because it was her birthday. 7 years old! 

Rory had been a little bit poorly in the night and needed some stimulation to breathe again. The nurse did say though that we had been the quietest, best behaved babies on the ward. Mummy says that has to carry on. 

Mummy and daddy arrived to do our 9am feed with Uncle Craig. We tried another bottle…

Mummy says it makes her so proud watching us suck, swallow and breathe when we try a bottle. We are doing really well taking about half our three hourly amount every one in three feeds. So two or three bottles a day with more tube feeds, but hopefully that will get less as we get better at the bottle, here’s Rory trying his bottle…


Whilst changing our clothes, daddy noticed an envelope on the side. It said ‘To Rory & Austins Daddy’ on it. Daddy opened it to find a card from us. The nurses helped us do it. We already had one for daddy that mummy helped us with and so daddy had two. Here’s the one at the hospital…

We had lots of cuddles with mummy, daddy and Uncle Craig. 

Uncle Craig was teaching us the alphabet, he was telling us all of the things he was going to do for us and how much he loved cuddling us. He said we we made him feel really relaxed. When he was holding Rory he was saturating at 100 on the machine and Uncle Craig said ‘he likes me’ 

Daddy and Uncle Craig were having a competition as to whose machine would ping the highest. Uncle Craig had Rory and made it all the way to 100. 

Daddy and uncle Craig said they wondered what we would become when we are older, Daddy says he doesn’t know but whatever we do we will be the best at it. He says we will represent England for something. Mummy smiles at him but thinks he has high hopes! 

Daddy says that with everything we have been through, there’s nothing we can’t do. We have defied all odds so far. He thinks we are perfect and won’t cause him any problems. One of our new nurses in Barnsley was saying how well we had done given the journey we have had. They dont have babies as young and poorly as us at Barnsley. Obviously we are much better now though. 

We both dribbled on daddy’s shirt, mummy and uncle craig said he secretly likes it, like he gets some extra man points for being ‘the daddy’ 😂

Mummy and daddy left us to spend the afternoon with Big Sister Beau and see Grandad Hardy to give him his Fathers Day presents. Mummy and daddy took Beau on a long walk and tired her out. 

Mummy and daddy came back for our 6pm cares and feed. 

They shared a moment. They were holding us, one each, and holding hands and mummy said she couldn’t think of anyone else in the world she would like to share this moment with. Daddy said ‘we’re having a go, we’ll be oreyt’ and mummy had shiny eyes.

They tucked us up ready for bed and left us to dream! 

3 Replies to “Happy Fathers Day! ”

  1. What a full & exciting day you have had today, celebrating your daddy’s first ever Father’s Day, you will be doing this every year now. Your daddy had the biggest grin ever I can see how proud of you both he is. Then there was cuddles from uncle Craig, he will become your favourite uncle for sure, he will certainly spoil you so make sure you stay in his good books. Loved watching your video Rory of you drinking your milk from your bottle, looked like you was enjoying it too. Keep trying you will get there. Finally to see you both tucked up for the night melts our hearts, night night Austin & Rory sweet dreams xxxxx


  2. This has brought back so many memories as 6 months ago we were doing the same.
    What a beautiful way to diarise your experience. The boys will be able to look back on this and probably won’t believe they were ever that small. Really wish I’d have done something similar. Lovely.


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