Day 68!

So mummy and daddy got here for our 9am feed to try us on a bottle again. We are trying really hard but get so tired. We managed about 20ml each which is about less than an ounce. Luckily we are still having tube feeds so we still get fed even when we are sleeping.

Mummy and daddy changed us, made our beds and had some cuddles. Then we got snuggled up…

Nannie and Grandad Newborough came to visit and we had a little cuddle…

When mummy and daddy put us down for the night, just as they were about to leave, Rory opened his eyes. Daddy said he couldn’t let Rory see him walk out of the door, so mummy and daddy waited until he closed his eyes to sneak off. Rory closed his eyes for a second so they made a move, then Rory opened them again and daddy said he looked him straight in the eye! πŸ˜… eventually he closed his eyes and mummy and daddy tiptoed off super quietly. 

Goodnight! πŸ’™πŸ’™

3 Replies to “Day 68!”

  1. I work with Cynthia,she will tell you I’m not a baby person,but something has really touched me about Rory and Austin and I love read the daily blog. Keep fighting Rory and Austin and one day you may play for Leicester Tigers,like your namesakes xx


  2. Austin & Rory you are so cute, you are so settled in your bed together, touching each other to make sure each of you is there, that is so precious to capture a moment like that. You will be taking more milk from your bottle as each day goes by, you will get stronger then you will be guzzling it down, we can wait for that day , it will come. I can feel the love from your other nanny & granddad, a very proud moment for them, hope you have a good night & look forward to another beautiful day, sending hugs to you both xxxxx


  3. Austin and Rory you are getting stronger each day your mummy and daddy must be so proud of you


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