Social media Sunday!!

Today we joined Facebook! 

That’s right….we got down with the kids! Find us here!

We also got weighed….and weaned! (On our breathing support)

Daddy reckons the nurse weighed us wrong because she got me (Austin) at 5lb 7oz (only an ounce more than last weigh in) and Rory at 5lb 13oz which means he has not only overtook me by a mile but he has gained 10 ounce in 3 days. Somethings not quite right there! 

I (Austin) am back where I was before our big wobble last Monday, I am on high flow 3. I need a little more oxygen at the minute so I don’t think I’m going anywhere fast but Rory is speeding ahead towards low flow where he was before….currently on high flow 2.

Daddy reckons we will both be on a bottle by next Sunday. Mummy hopes so because news is that we won’t be allowed home on oxygen of feeding tube and so unless we want to spend a long long time here (as if we haven’t already 9 weeks in) we need to get a wriggle on and show the new kids in nicu how it’s done. We are now known as the ‘old boys’ having a been some of the longest standing residents at Jessops and still with a long road ahead. We can tell mummy is getting inpatient now because she isn’t as smiley and she keeps hugging us extra tight and sizing us up against her handbag. We’ve clocked her as a lady who knows what she wants so Rory reckons she might steal us one day!

Mummy and daddy struggled telling us apart today…..Nannie and grandad Newborough visited. They haven’t seen us for a fortnight and they say we have grown lots. So here we are…


One Reply to “Social media Sunday!!”

  1. Hi Rory & Austin, having caught up with mummy’s blog from last week lots of changes happened, I hope you have both recovered from your blip now, judging from your pics you have. You are both so gorgeous I could eat you (I wouldn’t really) so you have now joined the social media group, you will have loads of friends on there who I know will want to meet you both one day. I don’t know how we are going to tell you apart if mummy & daddy can’t. They going to have to come up with something to distinguish who is who. Can’t wait to see your blog tonight co these pictures are getting cuter. Hope you have a settled day, we might see you both showing off with your bottle again too. Love & kisses to you both xxxxx


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