Daddy’s boys! 

Mummy left us with daddy today, for the first time. She had been up all through the night with big sister Beau because she was really poorly and mummy was really worried and daddy said it would do her good, so she went to meet her friend Laura on her lunch break as she works near the hospital. Mummy said she trusted daddy to look after us, but read him a list of rules and jobs to do before she left and besides…there were two nurses in the room anyway. 

Whilst mummy was gone the Drs did their ward round and decided to wean us both onto high flow 5. Our blood cultures had come back negative for infection so our antibiotics stopped and when we are back where we were before our wobble, most likely next week, we will be back on the transfer list to Barnsley. 

Daddy fed us and got us out for cuddles. Mummy rushed back in case daddy needed help and she walked in our room to find him totally bossing it…

It was the first time we had been together since we got poorly on Monday. So we got close for cuddles…

Mummy wanted in on cuddles, so she took Rory because my wires wouldnt reach to her. Here she is having cuddles. Mummy looked very tired today. Daddy said she was very deflated.

Daddy cuddled me closer too…

Mummy and daddy were telling us about some gifts they had been sent, made by mummy’s school friend Nikki. She made them especially for us…

👶🏻 thank you Nikki 👶🏻

Mummy and daddy left us tucked up…

And they took beau to the vets. The vet gave mummy and daddy some emergency medicine so that next time Beau is poorly they can fix her until they can get to the vet! 🐶

Mummy joked to daddy that there is no way she will cope with two poorly babies and a Poorly doggy when daddy goes back to work. Then daddy explained that the consultant told him that we won’t be able to go home on oxygen and with feeding tubes because barnsley doesn’t have the capacity to provide home support like Sheffield do and so that means we will have to stay in hospital until we are 100% ready for home. Which is unlikely to be any time soon. 

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