Sunday showers…

Mummy and daddy arrived super early today, with uncle Craig in tow. Daddy asked if we had been weighed yet and the nurse explained that now we are in a twin cot we have to be weighed like normal babies, on scales, whereas before the incubator did everything for us. So mummy and daddy and the nurse sorted all of our wires and the cot and the chair (and the kitchen sink) so that we could have a cuddle. Daddy had cuddles again so that mummy could change our bedding and our nappies so that we were all clean ready to be weighed.

Austin went first. He lay on the scales, with no clothes on, just wires…when he decided to do a wee…all over the nurse, the floor, the calculator, the scales….everywhere. Like a fountain. Now we all know little boys are capable of this….just thought the nurse might have been more prepared.

Uncle Craig jumped on it with the alcohol wipes! 

When it was my turn, mummy held a nappy over me just in case.

We both gained weight.

Austin 4lb 15oz (6oz gain)

Rory 4lb 13oz (8oz gain)

Mummy and daddy reckon we will both make 5lb next time. By the time we meet everyone we will be normal baby size and you will never believe mummy about how small we were. Although we will be two month old tomorrow and not yet 5lbs…so I’m sure you can imagine.

So once we were weighed mummy, daddy, uncle Craig and the nurse examined our tummy buttons. Mummy’s friend Fern shared some twin facts, one being that the best way to tell identical twins apart is from their tummy button. Except…even our tummy buttons are the same πŸ˜‚

Mummy changed us and put us our first cardigans on (that were our own) and mummy told us a little story about mummy’s friend Tina. Tina makes jams and things for her neighbours every year and one of her neighbours knits. So Tina thought that she would call back a favour and ask this lady to knit two cardigans for us. The lady said yes, then when tina checked on their progress, the lady said she’d had a lovely idea….Tina should come round and learn to knit. So she did. Mummy said that these cardigans caused Tina to have wrinkles and grey hair but that in the end Tina did a fantastic job and so we should be really grateful to her. 

Mummy and daddy had lots of cuddles with us….uncle Craig enjoyed watching us, he said we were adorable but that we are hard work. We think uncle craig is funny. 

Nearly forgot to tell you….Austin was reduced to high flow 3 and so far is doing really well.

Mummy and daddy tucked us up with our new blankets brought from home, and went to continue working in the garden ready for when we make it out of here and home. 

Everyone is making a song and dance about the sunshine…we can’t wait to meet fresh air, sunshine, rain, snow, wind and all the other things you take for granted. We just want to venture into the real world with big sister Beau Jangles, mummy and daddy. 


One Reply to “Sunday showers…”

  1. Sending my love to you and your family your amazing parents. This story has really touch me I can’t wait to see the difference in the baby’s. I pray for you all I always ask my friend sue how are the twins doing.πŸ’™πŸ’™ I have said to sue a friend of yours if there is any fund raising events we can do I would love to.


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