“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

So last night mummy and daddy were tucked up in bed when mummy got a text message from her friend (& boss) Debra. It said ‘sssh, I’m being very quiet. Left you a present by the bin’ mummy jumped out of bed, pulled the blind up and peered out, but Debra had already gone…so more excited than we will be at Christmas, mummy woke Daddy and he went out to collect it. Mummy sat up in bed and opened the bag. How thoughtful….

Inside the card it reads…’it is a little known fact that today is national chocolate brownie day for parents of twins Austin & Rory’ and nestled amongst the gifts was a box of chocolate brownies. Mummy says that she now declares the 3rd of June to be chocolate brownie day for twin families. 😄

Mummy also received a parcel of gorgeous gifts for us from mummy’s Teaching Assistant from her last school and then today she received a lovely card with a cheque. This was from mummys very first Teaching Assistant who told mummy that all of the team at the school where mummy learnt to be a Teacher a long time ago, have raised funds for us to spend how we like and so mummy is going to speak to the nurses tomorrow and decide what to do with it. 

These are just a few of the many, many thoughtful and generous gifts, acts of kindness, tokens of support that we have received in the past 8 weeks. We are eternally grateful. In fact we are unsure how to ever show our appreciation. Just please know that it is not, and never will be taken for granted. 

Mummy and daddy (& us when we learn how) count their blessings every day for each other, the supportive family and friends and neighbours that we have. This journey would be twice as hard without you.

Today mummy learnt that it costs in excess of £500 per baby, per day that a baby is cared for in nicu. So for twins like us, that’s in excess of £1000 per day and we have been receiving this care for 54 days so far. This is absolutely breathtaking. We are so lucky to have such resource at our fingertips.

When mummy called this morning to check on us, the nurse said there had been an accident in the night (instant panic) and the heating unit on our twin cot was broken meaning that we didn’t have anything controlling our temperature or keeping us warm. There wasn’t another one available in the hospital and so the nurse put us some cardigans and a hat on, and more blankets in the hope we would be OK and not have to go back in the incubators, separately. We survived.

The nurse also told mummy that the eye man was coming at 12. So mummy and daddy rushed in.

Here is how they found us….

Daddy cuddled us…

Whilst mummy changed our bed and made it look pretty…

She then did our cares whilst we lay on daddy. It made mummy cry because she said it almost felt natural, like we were at home having family time, no restrictions of being in an incubator. She was able to pick us up at her leisure instead of asking permission. She changed our baby gro’s too…

Then the nurse got a call to say the eye man was on his way and we had to go back in our cot. 

The nurse has to put eye drops in, two types, every 20 minutes for an hour.  Then the eye man comes to do the test to check for ROP disease.

Mummy and daddy left so that they weren’t witnessing the test or in the way, and also so that we could rest after because it is quite a big deal and last time took us two days to get over it.  Mummy called later to check how we had got on. We still have no sign of the disease and will be checked again in a fortnight. Whilst ever we are on oxygen there is a chance of this developing but to be clear so far, both of us, is brilliant because babies as pre term as us and especially with chronic lung disease, are extremely likely to have it. 

As mummy and daddy walked out of the hospital today, daddy held mummy’s hand and  thanked her for letting him have all the cuddles, he said ‘I’ve enjoyed our time today’ and mummy’s eyes looked shiny like ours, except she hadn’t had eye drops, she was just happy. 


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