🎶 it’s always better when we’re together 🎶

Today was a day for making new memories! 

Firstly mummy dressed us in tiny baby clothes….that’s right, we have outgrown all of our premature baby clothes and are now fitting in our 5lb tiny baby clothes, the ones mummy and daddy bought us before they knew we were coming super small and early. Today mummy dressed us in some gorgeous ones that Nannie Hardys friend Jess bought us. Mummy couldn’t stop going on about how grown up we looked in our first ‘normal’ baby grows! They are a little bit big but the 4lb ones are tight…so we are inbetweeners! The only problem is that our wires mean we can’t wear normal vests yet, so we are still wearing special vests underneath….small steps though! 

Austin was put into high flow 4 today and I (Rory) was still left in high flow 2. Hopefully we will both begin to wean down into low flow. We can go home with low flow oxygen. After an hour on high flow 4, the nurse did a blood gas and it was fine, in fact it was better than the last gas on high flow 5, so he was obviously ready for it. 

We were both weighed again too.

Austin 4lb 9oz (7oz gain)

Rory 4lb 5oz (8oz gain and now more than double my birth weight and over the 4lb mark)

We were both allowed out to play together again, with mummy and with daddy. Nannie and Grandad Hardy came to visit too. It was the first time Grandad had seen us out of the incubator…he had shiny eyes. Especially when he heard our little cries. 

Daddy told us that him and Beau Jangles were chased by the swans and their babies this morning when they went on their morning walk.

Mummy and daddy and the nurses were discussing how much better we settle when we are together and the nurses decided that they were going to make a bold decision.

They decided to co-bed us, this means sharing a giant cot. Yes…COT!! That means we also make the move from an incubator to an open top cot where we have to regulate our temperature too and begin to get used to the real world ready for home. The nurses said that they have never put high flow babies in an open top cot, never mind a double one but that they think we will get better much quicker being together so decided to try it. How exciting. 

We have a heated water bed underneath us. It’s a little like a bouncy castle. We are going to have so much fun. 

Mummy, daddy, Nannie and grandad were so pleased. Mummy said it was a great anniversary present but she had two worries….

1) we would get mixed up now we are in the same cot

2) germs, especially if other visitors lean in and look or touch us.

Mummy can’t control the germs when she isn’t there but she stuck name cards on the incubator and made sure we had a name poses on our hands and feet (in case one drops off) to make sure we dont get mixed up.

An exciting day all round….our first sleepover together since we lived in mummy’s tummy. 

Mummy rang at 11:30pm to check on us and the sister said that Austin was wide awake and I (rory) was fast asleep….or at least she thought I was, I was listening to everything they were saying about me and even peeked a little. The sister caught me and told mummy…mummy laughed. Austin was cheeky earlier too, trying to wake me up to play….the sister caught him and moved him away a little. 

Looks like this bed sharing is going to be fun!!

One Reply to “🎶 it’s always better when we’re together 🎶”

  1. Kelly, this blog is so wonderful, I love reading about your beautiful boys going from strength to strength each day! Looking forward to the day that I read that Austin and Rory are going home xxxxx


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