🎶 Darling hold my hand, oh won’t you hold my hand…🎶

Mummy was really cross when she arrived today. She had been in a really good mood, singing along to Hallam fm stop ten at ten, trying to guess the year of all the old songs. Then, when they got to the hospital, her and daddy had been waiting really patiently in the car park for a space when a man went back to his car to leave. Mummy indicated and drove towards the space when another car came straight in the car park and tried to ‘ali G’ mummy. 

She was furious, but she wasn’t going to let them have it. She risked the front end of her mummy truck….but she won!! 😤 Bad manners and poor courtesy and respect towards others really winds mummy up.

They arrived at our room just as the nurse was feeding me (Austin) and so mummy jumped in and took over. Daddy went to give Rory some hand cuddles and together they did both of our cares and changed us ready to come out to play. They didn’t feed Rory though until he was out for cuddles because it needs time to settled before we are allowed out so its best to get us out first.

Here I am (Austin)…

 Here is Rory…

Here I am having a cuddle whilst the nurse gets Rory out…

Here is Rory getting fed by daddy whilst having cuddles with mummy and I….

Mummy nipped to the toilet and left daddy to cuddle us, when she came back she told daddy that she had seen a new mummy and daddy in the corridor, they had just had a baby who was fully grown but that had swallowed some bodily fluids on his way out to the big world and so needed a little bit of care and mummy heard the daddy say ‘Gosh it makes you realise how lucky we are when u walk through here and see all the poorly babies doesn’t it’ and it made mummy grateful for parents that don’t take what they have for granted. Mummy tells us every day how precious we are and it makes her sad when other mummies and daddies take their babies for granted. 

We lay together all settled, sleeping and being super cute…

Until the nurse came to put us back and I held on to Rory and wouldn’t let go. The nurse and mummy and daddy were amazed. I just held his hand and he held mine. We like being together. We are best friends.

It was nice to see that the nurses have started using the muslin cloths that mummy and daddy bought as a gift from the Bake-Lock Rufc team. The incubators all looked so colourful. It made mummy and daddy feel happy that they had done a good thing and we are all so grateful to Jack and the team for what they did.

Mummy and daddy tucked us up in clean bedding….

And left us to rest. They went home to wash our next size clothes because we are bursting out of our 3lb size  and mummy had to go to the Mates of Milton meeting because she is organising the gala that we hope to attend. Fingers crossed we will be home by then (31st July, Milton Forge, 12-4 (never miss a promo opportunity 😂))

It’s mummy and daddy’s wedding anniversary tomorrow too. Every year they have bought traditional presents and this year is flowers and fruit…..so they decided to buy flowers for the garden and made a super quick visit to the garden centre….

Weigh day tomorrow!! Will Rory have doubled his birthweight this time I wonder? 🤔

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