šŸŽ¶ He’s got the whole world in his hands šŸŽ¶

We waited ages today and wondered if mummy and daddy were even coming. Mummy rang loads of times and so she was still checking on us. 

Eventually they burst through the door, pulled back our incubator covers and peeked in. We were both wide awake…

Mummy did our cares quickly and got us out for cuddles. 

Mummy and daddy were telling us that they have been busy with Nannie and Grandad Hardy making us our own little play garden. We can’t wait to see it. 

As soon as we got together for cuddles we fell asleep, super settled. Mummy kept picking us up one at a time and kissing and squeezing us. 

I have been reduced to high flow 2 now and I’ve been settled on it, so the nurses think I just needed a little rest from breathing because my heart and lungs had been working too hard on low flow.

Austin was getting hungry and a little grumpy so I gave him my fingers to suck until the milk came.

 He then sucked my arm……

and then his thumb.

Mummy changed his bed and then eventually gave him his milk and dummy to teach him how to suck and swallow whilst being fed. Mummy says when it’s time to learn how to feed through a bottle….he will fly through it! 

Mummy and daddy decided that it was safe for daddy to cuddle us, so mummy gave us over to daddy. This was the first time daddy has held us both at the same time.

Daddy said they were the best cuddles in the world. šŸ’™šŸ’™

3 Replies to “šŸŽ¶ He’s got the whole world in his hands šŸŽ¶”

  1. Been sat here waiting for your update tonight and I must say I am thrilled to bits, you are both doing so well now. You are so settled with each other when your together, it just shows what a special bond you are going to have. Bet you were happy to get daddy cuddles today too, bet he told you all about what he has been doing at home. Mummy & daddy are preparing for your home coming & am sure will love it. Have a settled night again & look forward to tomorrow’s progress, sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


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