🎢 daddy, daddy cool 🎢

Daddy visited today! He arrived with mummy just in time to do our cares before getting us out for a cuddle.

Austin had already had a change of clothes but I (Rory) hadn’t so mummy did that too…daddy took this picture of me posing in my nappy.

Mummy is getting brave at asking for cuddles. Mummy and daddy tried not to be greedy for a long time because we were either too poorly or the nurses were too busy to get us out (it takes time) or other mummy’s and daddy’s were having quiet time with their babies and there wasn’t room, but the nurses told mummy and daddy they need to stop being so considerate and be more forceful because cuddles are important. So now mummy asks for us both together….every time! 

We had lots of cuddles with mummy and daddy sat next to us. He didn’t hold us or touch us though just in case. A cold sore is very dangerous for babies like us and even though daddy is OK to visit now, he didn’t want to take any chances for a couple more days.

Daddy had the shiniest eyes we have ever seen. He said he had missed us so much. Mummy comforted him and we had a little family cuddle. Can’t wait until Beau Jangles can join us.

Nannie and Grandad Newborough visited. Nannie was telling us about Uncle Key having lots of cuddly toys, mummy said that she didn’t want us to have lots because they are perfect germ houses. She would much rather us have learning toys and books that can be cleaned easy. 

Mummy and daddy changed our beds. The nurse was laughing because mummy is very particular about our beds being clean and matching.  We had our special Muslins that Aunty Vicky and Uncle Nath bought for us, although mummy put them in the wrong drawer and so we nearly ended up with the wrong ones. πŸ˜‚

Now that would have been fun!

Mummy and daddy went shopping for Beau Jangles some shampoo and ended up buying us lots of story books. 23 in total! Mummy wants us to have lots of story books. She bought us a door bouncer too.  We have one each and are going to have so much fun bouncing away together in the double doorway at home. 

Tomorrow Nannie and Grandad Hardy and Mummy and Daddy are going to start building our little garden and Wendy house. Daddy already did the fence and tidied the garage ready when he wasn’t allowed at the hospital. Mummy told the nurses that when they aren’t at the hospital with us, they are busy doing things for us at home, it’s what keeps them going because they can’t do much with us at the moment until we get bigger and better and are in special care. 

We have so much to look forward to! πŸ’™πŸ’™

One Reply to “🎢 daddy, daddy cool 🎢”

  1. You are both so settled now, the pictures are beautiful, really can’t tell the difference who is who now at all. You are very cosy with each other touching & feeling is so good for you both. So happy for daddy today, he must have really missed you. Sounds like ther is loads going on at home ready for you when you get home. You will have an army of people wanting to read all them stories to you too. Hope you have another settled night, sending hugs boys xxxxx


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