Day 5 without Daddy 😢😢

So Uncle Craig came instead!

Daddy will hardly recognise us when we see him next because we have grown so big. It was weigh day today and we have both gained…

Austin 4lb 2oz (4oz gain and now double his birth weight)

Rory 3lb 13oz (6oz gain)

Rory has been moved onto high flow 4 today too, slowly moving back in the right direction.

Mummy had cuddles with us again. Uncle Craig said it was so hard not cuddling us and he can’t wait until he is allowed. The nurse said he can once we get to special care but for now only mummy and daddy can touch. This is because of the risk of infection and because of our chronic lung disease and all of our functions being under developed, germs are very harmful to us. Even when we are home mummy and daddy will have to be very protective of us and very regimented with routines and visitors until we build up our immune system. We will be much more fragile that normal babies. Just a cold could send us back to hospital. Mummy worries it might take the fun away and that friends and family will think she is being over dramatic. Mummy was telling Uncle Craig that she was lay awake worrying about it and that Daddy joked that we might as well put the Moses baskets by the window and just let people look at us through the window. The nurse also said that she didn’t think we would make it home for our due date because we have a long way to go with our breathing and feeding. So maybe we aren’t half way there after all. 😫

Mummy said that she feels more confident with multi tasking with us both when we are both crying, feeding, needing changing and cares etc. The nurse says she has her hands full. Especially with Austin as he is fiesty when he wants something and Rory is a cheeky monkey you can see it in his face! Uncle Craig says we are hard work 😂

Here are the pictures of us today…can you tell who is who?

One Reply to “Day 5 without Daddy 😢😢”

  1. Really good weight gains boys I can see you filling out nicely, you are so super cute. Uncle Craig is so lucky seeing you in real life, he is going to spoil you both when you growing up. Bet you missing daddy now and all his stories he tells you. Love all your pictures and no I can’t tell who is who. You both doing really well it’s lovely to read how you are progressing everyday too. Hope you have a settled night again & hope daddy can make it tomorrow, sending my hugs to you both xxxxx

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