🎢 oooh we’re half way there……🎢

Mummy came on her own…again! We are all missing daddy now, even the nurses are asking where he is! We can’t wait until he comes to visit and all 3 of us can have cuddles together for the first time…mummy has been very greedy with cuddles lately.

When mummy came today, her phone was low on battery so she didn’t get many pictures. She did get lots of cuddles though. Nowhere near as many as when we are home though – mummy keeps telling us we will have non stop cuddles when we are home and we are half way there now. 48 days down – 48 to go! 

Mummy arrived at the hospital to find us all tucked up…

She did our cares and put us a clean vest and baby grow on. She chose a romper with shorts because it was sunny outside, even though they are premature baby 3lb size….they were still like trousers. πŸ™ˆ

The Drs told mummy that Rory had taken 4 steps back to high flow 5 because it took all of those steps to make him stable again. Mummy wasn’t too sad because Rory was back to himself. The dr said Rory was obviously very very tired from trying too hard and making it all the way to low flow. Mummy got us both out for cuddles…

Rory came out first and showed mummy his cheeky face…

Then we both lay together. We started off lay next to each other and ended up practically stuck to each other, we wriggled up close and held hands. We were talking to each other with grunts and baby squirms. The other mums and the nurses all watch us because we are super cute, mummy is totally overwhelmed by us. 

Everyone says there is something really special about twins…we agree! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

One Reply to “🎢 oooh we’re half way there……🎢”

  1. How cute are you two, love the smile too Rory, you are so cheeky. So happy you have picked up from yesterday. Mummy is getting all the cuddles again, bet daddy wont get a look in when he is better. I love your baby grows you look so cool in them. Not sure which one of you blows the bubbles but you are very good at it. Well you are half way there now boys so wont be long now, I have seen the baby cygnets today too, they live near your house, they are growing at a fast pace too so when you get home you will be able to go look at them too. Your pictures are amazing as always, I love the ones of you both looking at each other, so precious. Enjoy your evening boys and hope you have a settled night and perhaps daddy may be able to visit you tomorrow. Sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


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