🎶 all of me…loves all of you 🎶

Mummy made another trip by herself today as daddy still can’t come to visit. 

Just as she arrived in the car park, nurse Tamsin was ringing her, mummy couldn’t answer in time because she was driving, so mummy dumped the car and ran up the hospital stairs, she burst into our room and surprisingly all was calm. Mummy asked what was wrong and nurse Tamsin explained that Rory had got very tired and was working very hard trying to breathe on low flow and so the Drs had decided to put him back on high flow 2 and she was ringing to let mummy know. Mummy sighed with relief that it wasn’t anything too worrying, and she peeked into our incubators.

Rory was fast asleep, waiting for a blood gas to be taken from his foot…

And I too was lay snoozing.

Mummy decided that because Rory was tired, she was going to leave him to sleep it off and so she said that we could have special mummy & Austin time. We lay on the comfy chair having cuddles and lots of conversation as I was very awake and grumpy at times.
Mummy put me back and did my cares. When she fed me she gave me my dummy and mummy was showing the nurse how good I am at sucking. As soon as I’m on low flow I can start learning how to feed from a bottle. Exciting! After my cares the Dr did my blood gas and my hb was low and so I’m getting another blood transfusion. 

Mummy did Rory’s cares too and he didn’t even acknowledge mummy was there. He just lay there like he did all night and all day. Mummy was very worried and asked the Dr to give him a check. Whilst waiting for the Dr, mummy was trying to teach Rory to suck. 
The dr said he may just be exhausted from all of the hard work he did on low flow. 

Mummy made sure we were both settled, tucked us up and went home.


One Reply to “🎶 all of me…loves all of you 🎶”

  1. You both look so cute in your baby grows, bet they are comfy. You have both been trying really hard & tired yourselves out I think. Your pictures are amazing as always with your bums stuck up in the air. Uncle Clarry & Lyndsey are blood donors so they can help people like yourselves get better I think they are brave too. I bet it was lovely to get special cuddles from mummy ( Austin) you will be sucking your bottles soon. Well done boys & hope you have a lovely day today , the sun is shining so it will make us all feel good. Sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


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