🎶 every day in every way, it’s getting better and better…..beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful boy 🎶

Mummy arrived on her own again! 

She was super early today. We were tucked up in our beds.

Mummy asked straight away if she could have a cuddle, it’s starting to happen more and more now we are on high and low flow because it is much easier to get us out. We love cuddles, especially with each other. Mummy got us dressed for the world outside our temperature controlled incubator…

Mummy was completely on her own today, as she held one of us in each hand, she really struggled 1) to take pictures 2) to control our wriggling 3)to itch her nose…she is going to have to learn some tricks of the twin mum trade!

She gave us lots of cuddles though, talking to us about all sorts including all the adventures we are going to have when we get home…

When mummy pulled our blanket back, this is what she found….

Mummy asked for an update whilst she was having cuddles, Austin got tired in the night so was moved back to high flow 5, but he’s only been on it 3 days so it was maybe too ambitious to move onto high flow 4 already. I (Rory) am going steady on the low flow and now meet all of the criteria for special care…I am being monitored on a special care chart. Exciting. 

Daddy text mummy to say we had received our first letters. It was to say all of our tests from the 28 day blood spot were negative. More good news! 

Also…Our new weights are…

Austin 3lb 14oz (2oz gain)

Rory 3lb 7oz (4oz gain)

Whilst we were out, nurse swapped our incubators for nice new ones and changed all our bedding to matching little soldier Muslins…. Mummy’s fave! Mummy checked we were both settled and lefts us tucked up. 

Mummy knew that daddy was feeling a little sad, so she made him go to the gym, exercise is meant to be good for you when you are feeling blue…so whilst daddy was at the Gym mummy bought him some presents. Some Budweiser to celebrate our good work, some biltong to remind him of his travels to South Africa, some Zovirax to help get rid of his cold sore and a picture of us with a message, she set it all up in the boot and asked daddy to help her get the shopping out, he opened the boot to a big surprise and mummy said he smiled again!

Nannie Hardy must have known that mummy and daddy were a little blue too as she bought them some flowers and gave them cute faces. 

Mummy’s friend Julie gave mummy some gifts too…a beautiful ‘two together’ ornament (just like us) and some welly bobs! 

Mummy says the welly bobs (made of soap but too cute to ever be used) are about the right size for us now. She can’t wait to buy us our first pair of Wellybobs! 

When mummy got home her new phone case had arrived…

Mummy surprised us and came back for seconds with Grandad Hardy. I (Rory) was fast asleep…

so they left me (although I kept having a little peek) and Austin stole the show. Although his face is still a little swollen from the Cpap apparatus, he was the most awake he has ever been…

..he was showing all the baby cues for feeding, which is so clever, and so mummy asked what time his next tube feed was due…turned out it was due in the next half an hour…clever boy. Mummy gave him a dummy whilst feeding him so he associated sucking with feeding. This is my next challenge now I’m on low flow, hope I can do it!

Mummy left us settled and sleeping.



Thank you to everyone who is following the blog.

Here are the latest stats…in absolute awe. 

4 Replies to “🎶 every day in every way, it’s getting better and better…..beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful boy 🎶”

  1. So boys, at Aunty Chloe’s Temple Spa gathering tonight when we ladies were meant to be focussed on pampering, guess what we were quizzing Aunty Chloe about? Yes that’s right, you two little soldiers! You have so many people rooting for you and my goodness you are doing us all so very proud… There were shiny eyes from Aunty Gash, Aunty Mandy and Aunty Julie Brack… Such softies we are but all love you very much already. 💙💙


  2. Good morning gorgeous boys, you have done really well over night I see. Your mummy is over the moon bet daddy is sad he can’t see you too, he will be better very soon. Your weight gain is amazing, right little guzzlers. I can’t believe how much alike you are we aren’t going to know who is who, I can see double trouble for mummy & daddy but I bet they wont be bothered one little bit. I am thrilled to bits with your progress the last 2 days, you almost there now little soilders. Have an even better day today, sending big hugs to you both xxxxx


  3. We hear babies cry,
    We watch them grow,
    They’ll learn much more,
    Than we’ll ever know.
    And I think to myself,
    What a wonderful world.
    How true !
    More & more wonderful news on the boy’s long journey home.
    T & S.
    x x


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