Flying solo ✈️

Daddy woke up with a cold sore today and so he wasn’t allowed to visit. It was the first day since we were born that he hasn’t visited. Mummy says he’s been sad all day. The nurse says mummy and daddy have done really well to go 6 weeks with all the stress of us two monkeys without getting run down or poorly yet. 

Mummy visited with Nannie Hardy so that she wasn’t flying competely solo.

When they arrived they looked straight in Austins incubator to see if his swelling had gone down from having the Cpap hat and pipes off overnight. Nannie was so pleased to see his beautiful face…

Which is obviously the same as mine.

The nurse gave mum an update. Austin was doing so well on his high flow that he is already being moved onto high flow 4 and they are going to put me (Rory) on low flow….mummy was over the moon. That means I’m almost ready for special care because I’m too clever for high dependency now, I just need to put a bit more weight on before I’m allowed to go. And when in special care, I’m allowed to learn to feed from a bottle and live in a cot rather than an incubator. Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow, although that means we might be split up for a bit before Austin catches up.

Mummy asked if she could have kangaroo care with us both together…

Mummy and Nannie were so in love with us. Nannie can’t wait until she is allowed to touch us.

Before the nurse put us back, mummy asked if the nurse could lay us on Mummys knee side by side so that mummy can look at us. Mummy said to the nurse that this is the kind of stuff normal mummies take for granted. 

Then Nannie noticed that I was doing a really nice thing and sharing my hand with Austin. I was sucking my thumb and letting Austin suck my fingers.

Nannie said it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. 

Mummy took a picture of one of us, but doesn’t know who it is now…..we look the same….can you help?

2 Replies to “Flying solo ✈️”

  1. Oh my word what a difference a day makes 24 little hours, you 2 are so adorable, I love how you are holding each other it is completely amazing. The finger thumb sucking is out of this world. Austin you must have listened to everyone yesterday and put all your focus on staying on high flow, well done you. Rory you are doing brilliant just galloping ahead. Not long before you move the Barnsley, I bet you can see the finishing line now. Amazing pictures mummy. I know you are the proudest you have ever been, sending loads of hugs & kisses, I think it is Rory but not sure xxxxx


  2. We hear babies cry,
    We watch them grow,
    They’ll learn much more,
    Than we’ll ever know.
    And we think to ourselves,
    What a wonderful world.
    Great news about Austin and Rory yet again on what has been a long worrying journey for all.
    All seems to be progressing well now.
    T & S.
    x x


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