🎈 6 weeks old today 🎈

Mummy and daddy were later today because they had been to visit the neonatal unit at Barnsley. Mummy tells us we are going on a road trip there soon. The nurses at Jessops said mummy did a good job arranging a visit because they know she is very nervous about the transfer and it helped put her mind at rest. Mummy and daddy met a nice lady at Barnsley who showed them around the unit and made them feel welcome. The nurse explained that we will have to go in a quarantine room all by ourselves at first in case we bring any bugs with us from Sheffield. Then we will go in the high dependency unit, there are only 3 beds and we need two of them. I heard mummy telling the nurses at Jessops that Barnsley is much more relaxed, there are nowhere near as many doctors around, she couldn’t hear any machines beeping and there were nowhere near as many poorly babies either. Guess we will soon see for ourselves.

Mummy is most nervous about the journey where we travel in a special ambulance. She wants to travel with us but might not get enough notice to be able to get to Sheffield before the ambulance sets off taking us to Barnsley. She might just have to meet us there. 😔

When mummy and daddy got to the hospital, they gave us some hand cuddles and then Rory’s machine started to beep, it was flashing a new word that they have never seen before, it basically means we are very angry about something and our heart is beating really fast. Mummy and daddy worked on a process of elimination action and worked out he was hot, so mummy stripped him off, opened all the doors on the incubator and fanned him down with his heart blanket. He cooled off and settled down.

Then mummy came over to my incubator and I (austin) did some stretching and wriggling and made a few faint squeak noises….I was counting how long it would take her to work out what was wrong….she cracked it straight away….my Cpap breathing pipe was leaking from the humidity and my bed was wet. Mummy and daddy worked as a team to organise all my wires and change my bedding…..I was so comfy in my new bedding. 

The Drs did their round and decided that Rory needs a couple more days on high flow before they might try him on low flow oxygen and that i can try 3 hourly feeds today and reduce my flow on the Cpap. If I’m really good then I might try high flow in a couple of days and get rid of my hat and the big pipes like Rory, I know this would make mummy really happy because my face wouldn’t be swollen and I’d be much more comfortable. It also means I’m a step closer to breathing on my own.

Mummy and daddy left in the afternoon but mummy came back and surprised us at night. I heard her telling the nurses that she was missing us so just got in the car and drove all the way here for a quick hand cuddle. Rory was wide awake when mummy arrived so she gave him lots of hand cuddles and left me sleeping. The nurse said he had been naughty pulling his feeding tube out of his nose, mummy was brave and put it back in. Rory eventually fell back to sleep and so mummy came to give me some hand cuddles. She noticed my bed was wet again so she changed it. I thought I’d better open my eyes and say thank you. Here are some pictures of us tonight….

Mummy tucked us up on as both our eyes were closed and the machines not beeping, she whispered bye to the nurse and snook off.

Little does she know, as she looked up from the car park at our window, we were already wide awake keeping the nurse on her toes!


2 Replies to “🎈 6 weeks old today 🎈”

  1. Not be too long before both boys will be keeping both Kelly & Ash on their toes also.
    T & S.
    x x


  2. Bet you both looking forward to your trip to Barnsley, it is a big step in your journey of how far you have come. I love your pictures both of your staring into the camera, natural poses for the future I see. Can’t wait to see you Austin without all them piped it must be a bit uncomfortable for you sweetheart. They will have to get air con in them incubators for you to keep cool, that would be cool eh. The weather is getting better now so when you home there will be plenty of sunshine for them lovely walks, you will hear all the birds twittering it is amazing. Hope you both had a settled night again cos your getting better at this now. Be good for them doctors & nurses too. Sending more hugs to you both xxxxx


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