Boring is good…

When mummy and daddy arrived today they were shocked to see two new babies and two new mummies in our room. Mummy started talking to them and found out that one of the babies was being transferred to Barnsley today. Mummy told daddy that we were lucky that it wasn’t one of us going because then we would be split up. We need two incubators although we would be happy to share one. πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Mummy was happy that she got to watch an embrace transfer, the special ambulance, and so she will feel less nervous when it’s our turn. 

Mummy and daddy gave us lots of hand cuddles…

And mummy noticed that I (Austin) kept pulling out my feeding tube, so mummy put me some mitts on. Mummy put on the smallest premature mitts that we have for 3lb babies..and they were still too big, so the nurse taped them on.

Mummy and daddy swapped over and mummy was cuddling Rory when she realised he was pulling out his nose prongs for his oxygen and so he had to have mitts too..

We are being cheeky monkeys already.

Our room was very busy today but once it settled down mummy and daddy had us out to play. 

Mummy and daddy were telling the nurses about feeling like they aren’t really parents and that they are just visiting these two little people everyday and going home and life being exactly the same as it was before we were born. Mummy said that anyone who visited her house wouldnt know she was a mummy because there is nothing there for babies. Unless you look in our nursery where everything is ready and waiting for us, including two cots full of gifts and cards from lots of lovely family and friends that we can’t wait to meet. The nurse said that its normal to feel this way and that it is not an easy journey that mummy and daddy are on. Mummy said that there were times when she never thought she would ever be a mummy and so if this is how she has to be a mummy for now….then she will grab it with both hands and make the most of every day. 

Daddy said that he wasn’t looking forward to tomorrow because it is eye day again where a special Dr comes and gives us eye drops and then puts a clamp in our eye and tests us for ROP disease. We were both poorly afterwards for a day or so last time so mummy and daddy said they were making the most of cuddles. Mummy kissed both of our tummys today. It’s the first time she has kissed us. She said she could eat us…..I hope she doesn’t, daddy says mummy is very greedy sometimes. 😳 especially when there is chocolate or cake about!!

Today I mastered two hourly feeds and Rory started trying three hourly feeds. We have 8ml per hour roughly through our tube now. 

It’s weigh day tomorrow too.


2 Replies to “Boring is good…”

  1. Love your boxing gloves boys, I can see you going to be mischievous & inquisitive now you getting stronger, that’s a good thing though, it shows us you getting better. You made your mummy have her best ever smile with pride today so lovely to see. Hope everything goes well tomorrow with your eye examination but it has to be done. Expecting a big gain off you boys tomorrow too. Sending big hugs boys your doing amazing xxxxx


  2. Every day now seems to be a much better day on what has been a long road to home. Carry on as you are boys and you will be home before much longer, just in time for lazy sunny summer days on the patio.
    T & S.
    x x


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