There is no foot too small that cannot leave an imprint on this world…💙

Mummy and Daddy arrived to a big surprise! I (Austin) was given another go on CPAP….lets hope I can crack it this time, another step closer to breathing on my own. 

Mummy and daddy left me to rest so that I could give it my best shot.

Mummy and daddy had Rory out for a cuddle…

I was really unhappy in the afternoon, mummy, daddy and the nurses tried everything and I still wouldn’t settle so the nurses gave mummy some special sugary water to give me….it was heavenly. Daddy said it was like giving me sweets. I can’t wait to try them. The nurse was telling mummy what to do with the bottle to save some for another time, just as I’d finished the lot! 

When mummy and daddy got home they walked big sister Beau and visited the other babies in Milton….

Then daddy noticed a tiny little bird with a complete slice of bread legging it down the pond banking and lots of other bigger birds swarming around it….the little bird wasn’t giving up. 

When mummy and daddy got home, a lovely lady from daddy’s work came  with gifts and a very thoughtful card which was very accurately designed with only one of us (me) having a dummy. Thank you from us both to everyone at daddy’s work.

Today was also weigh day. Drum roll….

Austin 3lb 4oz

Rory 2lb 14oz



Tonight’s blog was particularly difficult to write because we heard some very sad news from a lovely friend.  One of Austin and Rory’s preemie friends ‘Freddie the Fighter’ became an angel. Freddie’s lovely family are raising funds to give back to the neonatal unit that gave him amazing care, here is the link if anyone would like to read about Freddie and make a donation.

2 Replies to “There is no foot too small that cannot leave an imprint on this world…💙”

  1. Positive feedback again today boys, you are doing really well gaining more ounces too. Hope Austin does well on CPAP it will be a massive mile stone for him. Beautiful pictures of you both so love looking at you both. Hope you both have a settled night, sending hugs to you both and kisses xxxxx


  2. Get the twin buggy out ! Make sure the wheels are oiled and ready to go ! Hopefully the fun will begin shortly.
    T & S.
    x x


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