Daydream believer….

Mummy and daddy arrived earlier than usual today. When they got here the Drs were just talking about us on the ward round so mummy and daddy got a quick update – we are both doing really well and so the Dr has set us a little challenge with our breathing. Rory is on high flow 3 and I (Austin) have reduced my rate to 60 breaths per minute from the machine on the Bipap. Fingers crossed for us! 

Mummy and daddy told us that they had been daydreaming about when we are bigger. Daddy was telling mummy about his rugby presentation on Friday and daddy choosing his coaches player nomination and mummy got shiny eyes thinking about us playing rugby and getting trophys. Daddy said he wasn’t sure about being a parent coach and being involved with our team but that he couldn’t cope if things weren’t done right. We’ve heard he is a very good rugby coach…mummy tells us he is a good pe teacher too…and then there’s Grandad and all of his footballing history….guess we are both going to be sporty. 

Mummy and daddy were also thinking about having us christened. They were talking about choosing our God parents, but there are just so many amazing people to choose from that they struggled. Mummy joked that we could get away with having lots because there are two of us.

Mummy told us that we have got to make it home by 31st July because it is the Mates of Milton gala where we live. Mummy is a Mate of Milton and she organises the gala. All of the money raised helps make where we live a really nice place. She says this year she won’t be running around with a clipboard she will hopefully be pushing us around the field instead. We can’t wait until we are big enough to go on the rides, take part in the egg and spoon race, have a pony ride and hook a duck. โ˜บ๏ธ

Because we were so settled and mummy and daddy didn’t want to disturb us in case they ruined our chances of taking the Dr up on her challenge, they did our cares and left us looking so peaceful…

We heard mummy telling the nurses that she wanted to get lots of jobs done like cleaning the cars, painting the decking and having a clear out. At least she will have time this afternoon whilst we are being well behaved for the nurses.

On the way home, mummy turned to daddy and said…’ash….’ Daddy turned to mummy and then mummy said ‘I darent say it…’ Daddy stopped mummy right there and said ‘Kelly, anything can happen in 9 weeks, there’s no guarantees’ and mummy came right back down to earth.

When mummy and daddy got home there was a package…it was some bunting that Mummys friend Kerry has made for us..

Apologies for the upside down picture! ๐Ÿ˜‚

We can’t wait to see it.


One Reply to “Daydream believer….”

  1. Well you amazing little boys you are definitely Hardy boys, you are doing so well, we can tell in the blog that mummy & daddy are happy with your progress too as they are day dreaming about your future. You have so much to look forward to too. Have a very settled night little ones so that tomorrow will be even better. Wait while you see your bunting it will look lovely in your room. Night night Rory & Austin sending big hugs & kisses xxxxx


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