🎶 Oh what a night…🎶

It was 1:30am and the phone rang. I sleep with it under my pillow so that it will wake me. I sat bolt upright and answered in a panic. I’d only rang to check the boys were ok at midnight before resting my head for the night….but as we already know, a lot can change in no time at all and so it wasn’t too surprising that we were back on that roller coaster already! The voice at the other side explained that Austin had been moved back into intensive care because his oxygen levels had increased and the Dr had decided to put him back on Bipap breathing support, do a chest X-ray and take blood cultures before giving antibiotics in case of infection. I thanked the nurse for letting me know, put the phone down, turned to ash and sobbed. I wanted to go to the hospital but knew there was nothing I could do and that’s what hurts the most, I couldn’t even go through and hold him. I’d be standing there watching him struggle through a porthole of the incubator. So…I swallowed my motherly instinct and tried to get back to sleep….failing miserably.

I faced today needing scaffolding poles to keep my eyes open and looked worse than when I’d just given birth. I carried a huge stress headache around too.

We arrived at the hospital and found Austin in the corner of room 3. Just as we peeked at his little face the Drs turned up for ward round – very happy mummy. The Drs explained that as soon as he had arrived in intensive care and was put back on Bipap, his oxygen levels came right down to 38% and so the Drs gave him benefit of the doubt and didn’t culture him or treat him for infection, especially as his chest X-ray wasnt too concerning. There were some hazy patches on his chest but they felt that was down to him being tired from breathing on Cpap. We were relieved that he hadn’t been put back on the ventilator. The Dr said they might move him back to high dependency with his brother later today.

 We went to see Rory in room 2 and the nurse said he could come out for cuddles. The Dr had agreed on ward round for him to go back to high flow 4. Good news! 
I tucked Rory in my dungarees and he was super snug until he got bored and wanted to see the world….

We could see Austins incubator in intensive care through the window so kept blowing him kisses…

Nannie and Grandad Newborough came and then Austin was transferred back to high dependency unit….back together again…

Since leaving them tonight, we have called and both are doing ok, Austin settled again and Rory is now on High Flow 3…..that boy is steaming ahead!
Almost forgot….weigh day…drum roll….

Austin 3lb 1 oz

Rory 2lb 10 oz

Can you believe my 2lb babies are growing so big. Well…big in comparison. They are still super tiny. I’m so proud of them! 


5 Replies to “🎶 Oh what a night…🎶”

  1. Gosh u little monkeys make me smile and cry and I am just your wonderful mummy’s friend. You are growing well and keeping mummy and daddy on their toes.. keep fighting and growing gorgeous boys. Love to you all 💜 xx


  2. What a difference a day makes, twenty four little hours, brought the sun and the flowers.
    T & S.
    x x


  3. Phew!! What a roller coaster, I so look forward to reading the update every night but dread them as well, so so glad things were brighter than you expected today. So many people are willing these little Boys to keep fighting, even my friend who you don’t know keeps asking for updates.


  4. They have got a great mummy and Daddy watching over them Your are giving them your strength to keep tgetting bigger and stronger love to you all not forgetting beau xxxxx


  5. So proud of you boys, you are just amazing, you are keeping us all on our toes waiting to hear of your progress. Really pleased for you today (Austin) you came back fighting yet again, must be an Hardy thing. Rory you are racing ahead so happy for you but we know Austin is going to catch you up soon. I knew you would make that 3lb today Austin, Rory isn’t far behind, think it is because he is getting more active now he is burning the fat off. Lovely to know you are being nosy wanting to see what is happening. Let’s hope mummy & daddy can get some sleep tonight. Night night sweet boys, sending big hugs xxxxx


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