Day 34….

So today is the day that mummy and daddy were booked onto a course to learn all about being parents to twins. We aren’t supposed to be here yet though and our early arrival means that mummy and daddy don’t need to learn about labour and have a tour of the neonatal unit – because they have lived there for 34 days. So they arranged to go just in the afternoon to meet the lady from the twin support group and pick up some helpful tips on feeding, bathing and caring for two babies at once. This meant that mummy and daddy visited much earlier this morning although they still rang when they got up…

Nurse Anne who was looking after us explained that we had both been stable during the night but that I (Austin) had been up and down a lot on my oxygen and so they decided to swap my machine in case it was a bit dicky and not working to its full potential. And guess what….my new machine helped me lots, my oxygen was half of what it was before….so mummy and daddy were very impressed. The Dr even said they could try me on Cpap today – how exciting! Mummy and daddy gave me a pep talk and told me how proud they were already and how they believe in me.  I’m going to have a really good try! The dr said that Rory could go back to high flow 5 as well so that’s good. 

Mummy and daddy had the update from the Dr, did our feeds and gave us some hand cuddles before hurrying downstairs to their class. Little do they know that no class can prepare them for life with me and Rory 😂

Mummy was a little nervous about going to the class because pregnant tummys make her a little sad, she wishes she was still fat with us tucked up safely inside. The other ladies were really nice though and made mummy feel ok about being the only one without a bump. In fact mummy and daddy said they felt like visiting speakers because they were asked to share their story and experiences. And would you believe it….out of 8 parents, 6 were teachers, there must be something about teaching and twin pregnancies. At the class the lady gave mummy and daddy a dolly to hold to do some role play 🙄 and mum and dad were shocked at the size of the dolls…they felt huge compared to us…mummy was going to take a selfie to show you but they had to rush off back to us to do our cares. 

Mummy and daddy didn’t get us out to play today to give us time to settle on our new breathing support but here are some pictures of us looking much better than we were….

Mummy and daddy left us, all settled.

Then….the door swung open and mummy came in, with uncle craig, they made a surprise visit at night and we were so pleased to see them. Rory was so excited that when mummy went in to change him he exploded all over the incubator. Uncle Craig’s face was a picture. He helped mummy to clean up the incubator and It took mummy 20 minutes to sort Rory out. The whole time he was lay there cute as a button. The nurse had to change his bedding too and he still lay there posing…

Whilst mummy was still here my oxygen tiptoed back up to 68% and the nurse explained that I might be put back on Bipap. I’m a little disappointed but mummy said she was really proud of me and that I will get there soon. I hope she is right. I want to show everyone my beautiful face just like rorys! 

It’s weigh day tomorrow and I’ve heard Nannie Newborough and Grandad Malc are visiting! 


4 Replies to “Day 34….”

  1. It seems like very good news for you all. Hope both boys become more settled now and will soon be ready for steak & chips !
    With love to all.
    T & S.
    x x


  2. It was lovely to read about you both tonight, what a difference a day makes you both look so much better. Mummy & Daddy are so proud of you both. The dr is a very clever dr to change your incubator (Austin) it has made a big difference to you. Rory you are doing so well too, showing your cute little face to us. I hope you keeping those big beautiful eyes on your brother, I would have loved to see uncle Craig’s face when you made a mess tonight bet it was so funny. He better get used to it I think. Hope you both have a good weigh in tomorrow and tip the scales at 3lb that would’ve amazing. Hope you have both settled for the night now & look forward to even better news tomorrow, lots of love coming your way, night night boys xxxxx


  3. im so gald u all doing well. hold in there such little stars xxxx


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