I’m only one call away….

When mummy and daddy arrived today the nurse was half way through feeding Me (Austin) and so daddy took over and mummy jumped in to feed Rory as he was due a feed too. As mummy got to Rory’s incubator she saw that he looked very very pale and made a comment to the nurse about it. The Dr came over and asked if she could speak to mummy and daddy, mummy said yes, expecting her to just start talking, the Dr said it would be better if they went somewhere quiet and sat down, mummy and daddy filled with fear, dread, thinking the worst. The nurse said to leave the feeds and go now. It must be serious. 

The Dr led mummy and daddy down the corridor to the quiet room, the room where bad news is given. Mummy and daddy sat down on a big couch, mummy was terrified, it felt awkward and silent, mummy looked at daddy, he looked terrified too, so mummy grew a pair and looked at the Dr prompting her to speak. The Dr told mummy that there had been a mistake with Rory’s medicine, he had been given double the amount that he should have  had in the last 24 hours. Daddy was silent. Inside mummy was furious. On the outside mummy knew that nothing could change the facts and politely explained that she was thankful for their honesty and that she understands mistakes happen, we are only human. Mummy asked about possible side effects, how they will be monitoring rory over the next couple of days, and how exactly the mistake had been made, just because mummy needed to understand. 

The sad thing is, mummy and daddy have to walk out at the end of every day and leave a stranger to take care of us, the most precious things in the world and now that is going to be harder than ever because the trust has been broken. Mummy and daddy came back to our room and gave us lots of hand cuddles.

We both had some Brady’s and desats but were a little more settled today. 

I had cuddles, mummy said that I looked a right chunky monkey…

Rory was quite lethargic today, not really himself. Daddy sat next to his incubator for a long time….

We were weighed today. 

I (Austin) weigh 2lb 14oz.

Rory weighs 2lb 8oz.

Mummy and daddy think we look huge compared to when we were born but we are still super tiny compared to a normal baby. We could stand in a pint glass and hide our entire face behind a digestive biscuit.

Mummy and daddy have rang lots compared to normal. I can tell they are worried. 


3 Replies to “I’m only one call away….”

  1. How worrying for you ? Things will get better we are sure. Try to keep thinking positive. Many, many loving thoughts are with you and your young sons from more people than you’ll ever know.
    T & S.
    x x


  2. It is lovely to see you both having cuddles today, I can see mummy is really worried about you both too. Let’s hope there is no more mistakes, you have had the best treatment to date which has got you where you are today, you are almost 3 lb now, you can tell you are filling out nicely, those legs will run a marathon or play for Barnsley eh that would be awesome twins in the squad, hope you both have a settled night so that you will be even stronger tomorrow, sending more kisses & hugs Rory & Austin xxxxx


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