Just another day…

Mummy doesnt really have the energy or the emotional strength to give you all an amazing read tonight. So instead Will give you a brief update…


Fairly unsettled, lots of Brady’s and de-Sats (forgetting to breathe) literally one after the other needing the Drs/ nurses constantly bringing him back. Very pale – Drs wondering if he needs another blood transfusion. Decided to treat him for infection and send bloods to lab. Had to have cannula for antibiotics. Took 3 attempts. Very unhappy Rory. Moved him back onto high flow 5 from high flow 4 to support his breathing more in the hope that it would settle him.

Not allowed out for cuddles.


A little more settled than Rory but still a fair amount of de-sats. Allowed out for cuddles. 

Nannie Hardy & Grandad Hardy visited with mummy tonight. Mummy wanted to visit again so they came at 8pm. We were a little more settled. Mummy fed us through our tube and gave us lots of hand cuddles through the portholes of the incubator. Nannie and grandad were thrilled to see us and we’re concerned about little things like Rory’s cannula possibly poking him in the eye…..mummy said that’s nothing to what we deal with day in and out. Don’t panic. Nannie and grandad are fascinated by us, it drives the mad that they can’t touch us. Mummy had to wait 10 days for a Rory cuddle and 17 days for Austin cuddle so she understands. we give Nannie and grandad shiny eyes. Grandad is a big softy. 

In other news, mummy has booked an appointment to register our birth at last. 


4 Replies to “Just another day…”

  1. As Eric Idle sang ( me too after a few drinks) “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”.
    With love.
    Terry & Sandra.
    x x


  2. hope you both have a settled night tonight, you have both been through it today, hope the doctor has stabalised Rory to make you feel better. Sounds like Austin was more settled today. Cannot believe you are 4 weeks old now, it has gone by so fast, bet mummy & Daddy doesn’t think so though. Let’s try & make them smile tomorrow then we know you are feeling better, we really hope you do. I have stayed up late to hear how you have been today as I love to know how you both are doing. Sending big hugs & kisses to you all xxxxx


  3. Hey gorgeous boys,
    You are doing so well – keep it up !! everyday you’ll get bigger and bigger so that mummy and daddy can take you home. Your are both amazing
    Sending you both a big kiss
    From mummy’s friend
    Tracy B xxxxxxx


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