I-spy with my little eye….

Today was a sad day all round!

Nurses Carole and Doreen put drops in our eyes early this morning and neither of us liked it very much. The nurses gave us sugary water to take our mind off what happened next…a different lady came with a clamp that held our eyes wide open whilst they tested us for retinopathy of prematurity disease (ROP). This is when the eye has abnormal blood vessels and may lead to loss of sight or blindness. Babies who are premature and who have oxygen to help them breathe are particular prone because the oxygen encourages the extra blood vessels. It is quite common for babies as premature as us to have some level of ROP. Both of our tests showed no sign of ROP this time and the test will be repeated in two weeks. There is still time for ROP to develop as we are still only equivalent of 30 weeks gestation and are on a fair amount of oxygen.

We both had our heels pricked for our 28 day blood spot test.

Austins tummy was quite bloated today too and so the Drs were observing him for NEC (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) which is when the intestine tissue starts to die off. They will have to see how he goes in the next couple of days and see if there are any other indicators. I think Austin is getting really tired now. He is blowing against his oxygen and has too much co2 in his blood as well. Mummy and daddy are really worried about him. Mummy rested her head on his incubator with shiny eyes, I think she was crying but she was very quiet so that nobody could tell. 

We were both really unsettled today because of all of the tests. Mummy and daddy couldn’t cuddle us again so they just sat there in the corner of the room feeling useless. Daddy felt sad too. Mummy felt really frustrated because she hadn’t spoken to a Dr in two days as she hadn’t seen anyone who wasn’t preoccupied with something else. She managed to find Dr Ella who looked after us in intensive care so mummy asked her a billion questions and found out all of the answers that she needed and she felt much better afterwards.

Our brain scans from yesterday showed that our tiny bleeds on our brain had not got any bigger but as Dr Ella explained, we cannot quantify them yet or offer any prediction on any long term effects, other than that they are very small bleeds. 

Nurse Doreen did Austins temperature and it was low so she got him a blanket. His blue blanket was dirty so she got him one out of the drawer…..it was purple. Mummy didn’t feel comfortable about that. Dr Ella and Daddy said that the best rugby players like to wear pink because they are so confident of their masculinity that they are comfortable enough to wear it. 

Here is Austin with his purple blanket…

Here I am sleeping off my rubbish day…

Big sister Beau went to the vets today too with her poorly eye. Here is mummy putting in her eye drops….

Alan (the vet) was happy with beaus eye and so mummy can finish the eye drops and wean her off the collar. It must be very tiring having 3 poorly babies. 

Mummy called to see Great Grandma Jean after the hospital today and gave her one of our vests. Mummy thought it might help her to see how small we are and help her feel close to us because she can’t meet us yet and mummy says she is so excited about us. When Grandad Ian died last year, Great Grandma Jean said that her one wish was to live to see mummy have children and we are so glad we have made her wish true…..


One Reply to “I-spy with my little eye….”

  1. Austin & Rory you know you have a huge mountain to climb still but in my heart I know you will make it to the top. There are lots of family & friends & people who we don’t know willing you 2 gorgeous little men to come out of this and be able to meet every single one of us. It must be awful for you both to be disturbed all the time but we know there are reasons for it. Hope you both get a good nights sleep tonight little darlings lots of hugs & kisses from aunty Lynn & uncle Clarry xxxxx


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