🎈4 weeks old today 🎈

Last night mummy and daddy had to reorganise our clothes. Before we were born mummy and daddy sorted our clothes into drawers for tiny baby, newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and then 6-12 months hanging up in the wardrobe. We heard that mummy was organised – the nurses said they could tell.  πŸ˜„ 

Mummy bought tiny baby because she knew that it was likely that we would be small, especially as the consultant planned to take us out of mummy’s tummy at 36 weeks. That’s the trouble with identical twins, there are complications and lots of risks. Tiny baby is for 5lb babies and mummy and daddy remember looking and thinking how super small tiny baby clothes were and that they couldn’t imagine a baby that small…..and then we were born at 26 weeks weighing only 2lbs and so together we are still too small for tiny baby and probably won’t be wearing newborn size until we are at least 4 months old. Here are the clothes we are wearing now, tiny baby and newborn…..hopefully this helps you to see how small we are.

So….they put the 3-6 months in the wardrobe and moved the drawers down to make a new drawer for premature baby clothes…..and already it is almost full. Then as mummy and daddy were eating their breakfast one of our lovely neighbours Sandra, called with more beautiful clothes for us. We are so lucky – thank you very much.  So today daddy washed them all and put them out to dry ready to take to the hospital tomorrow. 

They enjoy doing these things for us, mummy spends lots of time in our nursery, mostly staring out of the window daydreaming about us. 

Today was mostly a boring day. Mummy and daddy visited but they didn’t get us out for cuddles. Daddy said he wanted Austin to rest so that he can get better quicker and mummy said that it might make Austin sad if they cuddled me and not him, so I didn’t get out to play either. Austin was fast asleep the whole time holding his dummy in to plug the oxygen, he was trying really hard to breathe and I (Rory) was wide awake entertaining mummy and daddy….

Mummy did give me some tickles though….and we had both had our head scans today and the lady left lots of gel on my hair so mummy carefully cleaned it off with sterile water and a square gauze. 

Mummy taught daddy how to change my nappy today. It was his first one. You might think this is easy but changing a nappy on a 2lb baby who is poorly and has lots and lots of wires is quite scary and especially fiddly and difficult when you have to do it through portholes of an incubator – sideways! It took mummy a while, she was petrified at first and she has changed lots of babies nappies before. Here is daddy changing my nappy…

I found it all very entertaining and was very settled the whole way through….

Mummy fed me and then fed Austin. She had to be really sneaky with Austin and feed him through his tube whilst he was sleeping.

Mummy and daddy were watching me hiccup….it melted them so I did it for ages to keep their attention…

When mummy went to the milk room I heard daddy telling the nurse that he was going to hoover and paint the decking and sleepers when he got home. The nurse said it was good for him to do something productive because life kind of stands still when you have babies like us. 

On the way home daddy told mummy that driving to hospital everyday to visit his children and leaving them there has become normal….and in what world is that normal? Mummy agreed and said that there was nothing they could do but find the soul in soldiering on! 

 Mummy took Beau on a walk while he did it and saw lots of people on her way who all stopped and asked about us. We are so very lucky to be loved so much already. πŸ’™πŸ’™

3 Replies to “🎈4 weeks old today 🎈”

  1. I am kind of speechless tonight boys, you have got the most amazing parents who are so strong & brave, I don’t know how they do it. Obviously you two are the driving force of their strength. Watching your progress in pictures is unusual for us but is neccesary for us to be able to bond with you both. I can just see the line up of all the people who will want to meet you when you get home, you will be more famous than Prince George & princess Charlotte in Hoyland. Hope you have a good night tonight, sending big hugs & kisses to you both xxxxx


  2. Never forget Kelly & Ashley, tomorrow is always a better day !
    Sandra & Terry.
    x x


  3. Hi Kelly, I work with your dad and check your blog daily. I can’t even begin to comprehend what and how you feel each day but you are being incredibly brave sharing your journey with the world. Sending love you, your husband and your boys X


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